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#club75 || Contest Or Writing Invitation : Writing Is An Art | Phase 5 || visited lancok beach with my little family, a week before fasting ramadan ||

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SteemShip : writing contest

Hello, how are you all friends, how are you all, I hope you are all fine and always be blessed with the same sustenance as the almighty, on this occasion I want to participate in writing in the community #SteemShip sharing my moments with family a few weeks ago.


This is my moment a week before the fasting month of Ramadan, where we have become a tradition when the last week is approaching, namely spending time with our beloved family, because on the last Sunday before the month of Ramadan arrives we visit many tourist attractions, even almost all tourist attractions. full of visitors , Well this time I want to share my moments with my little family, and I visited the sea shore of lancok with my family.

Lancok beach is located in the aceh area of Indonesia, and is located in north aceh, precisely in the Syamtalira bayu area, and lancok beach is the closest tourist spot and the visitors are very crowded, especially during the last week the place is full of tourist lovers. even if we arrive late there is no empty hut, because all are filled with visitors, some come with their families and some with friends and with their lovers.



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IMG_20220327_155730_495.jpg IMG_20220327_155658_527.jpg

When I arrived at Lancok beach I took a bath in the sea with my daughter, my son was very happy because I rarely go to the sea and play with him, because this is the last week so I take my time to be able to gather with my family, especially my beloved daughter me, my children are very happy, on lancok beach there are also very many people selling various types of toys and food from chicken meatballs, dumplings, sausages and many other types of food, snacks for children are also available, and available too a variety of juices and other canned drinks, there are also people who sell balloons for children and there are also tires provided for people who want to swim on the beach, and for children small tires or floats for swimming ducks are provided.

IMG_20210411_125521_690.jpg IMG_20210411_125513_905.jpg

IMG_20210725_174520_399.jpg IMG_20210725_173104_905.jpg



And my child was very fun playing sand with me, and many children the same age as my child played with their parents too, finished swimming me and my son ordered food, after the stomach was full my son continued to play sand and he played very satisfied Once upon a time, I was also happy because I saw the look on my son's face was very happy.

After that my son and I cleaned up because it was already very late, because we wanted to hurry home, and not long after that I went to the cashier to pay for the food I ordered, after that my wife and children too leaving home, on the way home my son fell asleep on the train very soundly, maybe he was so tired he played in the sea all day so he fell fast asleep.

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IMG_20220327_163854_388.jpg IMG_20220327_163840_107.jpg



And this is a very pleasant moment and I am very happy because I can spend a full day with my little family, a happy moment that makes me happy and makes my child very happy.

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That's my post this time, and I'm very happy to be able to take part in this amazing writing contest, and I also didn't forget to invite some friends to invite them to participate in this contest, @nurfiana , @riska-amanda @suhadi @rifki1 @abialfatih hopefully they will take part in this contest soon, thanks to all of you who have stopped by and read this post, see you in the next post, thank you.


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