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#club75 || Business activities -some strategies that will make your business big



Hello, how are you all steemit friends, I hope you are all in good health always and still in the protection of the almighty God, come back with me @humaidi well on this occasion I am still talking about business, and for this post I want to share some how to make a small business big, and hopefully it will be useful for all of you in the #steemit-family community and in other communities, let's get started.

all over the world small and medium businesses are often affected by the disease the name of the disease is small business syndrome, small business syndrome is a condition where these entrepreneurs always think small, think where can a small business, my business is too small to do what big businesses do I'm still small so I don't need to have many employees, my business is still small so I don't need to have (soup) my business is still small so I don't need to do big marketing.


Some are serious, now feeling small makes us afraid to spend money, afraid of marketing, afraid to do promotions that we think are very, very expensive, now I want you to think big, so what does that mean? All businesses are the same, the only difference is the number of numbers.

Well if the turnover is 1,000,000 IDR / 2.50 Steem / 20 SBD, for that you have to think big, if you feel small then your business is always small, so for that you have to think big with the capital I mentioned above, your business will be big.

Here are some strategies that you will do to make your business become or look great.

1. Your number one must be visible from the outside.

For example, you have a shop business. How does your shop look from the outside visible from people passing by on foot or by car, meaning it would be very, very good if you had a nameplate, this nameplate is not expensive, it doesn't always have to be very luxurious, even many companies -companies out there who want to promote or even work with you, those who pay for it

signage is one part of making your business look great. If the nameplate is big, the signboard looks prominent, you will become a business that looks bona fide.

From the side of the nameplate, we haven't talked about anything else. There's still a signboard if it's remote. If your business is remote, you put some signage, for example, make a nameplate that only says Warung Ibu Ana, 100 meters away, Warung Ibu Ana is 50 meters away, Warung Ibu Ana is 10 Another meter, the children's Warung, turn here, so you have a pointer and people will know this if you go home 10 times. Warung Ibu Ana, what happened, people will remember at the Warung Ibu Anak, Warung Ibu Anak, What's going on at Warung Ibu Ana, they want to take a long time to come know.


2. is a car sticker.

This car sticker has two functions, the first function is that your name is visible, the second function is that you can invite other cars to promote your sticker.

Indonesia has learned to make stickers, the name stickers for each customer, everyone who attends our workshop, gives 5-10 stickers, then they distribute them and stick them on the back of the car, then we can see that the person who puts the sticker will be more proud of it. your brand than people without stickers.

3. The third is the advertisement on the invoice.

every time you give it to a customer, so for example, then your customer finishes eating and then the customer says ask for the bill, then you give the bill invoice, and you pay it off, don't waste it, use it or use the bill for promotions

use this bill as a stock cell. If you look at big companies they don't only print the bill but also have a phone number logo and also their promos, in this case, you can carry it, can be reversed.


4. website or online marketing.

the website even though today a lot of people say, I have a website but no one visits this is one way to show your profile as an entrepreneur or your profile as a business, and people who have websites seem more professional than those who don't have the same website. once so take advantage of the website to help you have credibility in the online world.


this uniformity shows you have a good structure and uniform will make people feel professional, it doesn't always have to be expensive, the most important thing is clean neat, uniform if possible not just uniform, from head to toe,

If you look at the flight attendant Erlins, how come his face is similar when he opens his attributes when he takes off his uniform, but when he wears a uniform, there is nothing that is not uniform even from walking.


6. business card

don't take it lightly business card is very, very important, you have you can leave you can leave your name, people respect, you can get to know, but this business card is your brand identity as well as your formal position.

7. share (charity)

big business they do what is called sharing, any charity you are asked to donate or you can serve the general public which ultimately makes your business look great, this sharing doesn't mean it has to be visible, it doesn't mean I post it every time I share a photo live -photos that go to Instagram Log into Facebook not the more creative one.


So, those are some ways to make your business successful and extraordinary, now you can read from my post, and thanks to all of you who have stopped by, and read my post, hopefully it will be useful, that's our discussion about business this time and see you in the post next, thank you.

Gretings From Me @humaidi

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