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#club75 || Business activities-Some fatal mistakes for novice entrepreneurs ||




hello how are you all steemit friends I hope you are all in good health always, and still in the protection of the almighty Allah, as usual on this occasion I want to share about business, or entrepreneurs.

you are a novice entrepreneur in the business you are running, it doesn't matter. Good luck, for you beginner entrepreneurs but often novice entrepreneurs. There are some mistakes that you don't pay attention to, now in this post I discuss 3 fatal mistakes of novice entrepreneurs in when building their business.

well the point is it's better for you to make a mistake, but you fix it, than today you don't try at all, so if you experience an error but can fix it

there are actually three fatal mistakes that you can avoid, hopefully this mistake can wake you up so that your business will run better in the future...!!



1. The first fatal mistake is that you do everything yourself.

So if you do everything yourself, from sending your own goods, packing yourself, serving your own customers, then opening your own shop, closing your own shop, sweeping yourself, hiring employees does cost money I know, but you can't do it all yourself.

But never do it alone you have to need a team, so at least there is someone to help take care of social media, you have to look for members or people who can help take care of the service, and people who help with customer service, basically whatever the level of entrepreneur you want level 1, level 2, level 3, How will you pass to the next level If all of you do it.

For example, you open a restaurant, indeed if you can't depend on your employees to cook, but you must be able to cook, if your chef doesn't come in then you can do it yourself.

And for example you open a salon, if your employees don't come in then you can cut yourself, and if you have a workshop for example, you can't rely on your mechanic to solve the problem yourself, but you also have to be able to do it, but if you do it itself is a fatal mistake his name.Well, the point is you have to learn to trust the person you are going to hand over to.



2. Seeing all the opportunities is a golden barn.

This is the fatal thing, so today you just sold your cellphone, for example, next week there is an opportunity to sell cellphone casings, continue to sell wood business again, continue to try coal, continue to buy and sell cars, like this I think all opportunities are granaries, it seems like all opportunities are good I'll tell you one thing, it's a fatal mistake, learn to focus.
Well, you don't see all opportunities are golden, but they don't exist, now if you have a business or business, stay focused in one direction, don't look at other jobs, if so then you will definitely be successful in the future.The point is you need to focus.



3. Now for the third point, the fear is excessive so they don't dare to take action (Action)

This fear is the biggest obstacle for beginners, these beginners are afraid to take a step, if investors are goods, what will happen if they don't sell?

For example, if you dare to take a loan from a bank, but if you can't pay interest, what will these fears keep you from and finally you don't dare to take a step? risk, they all dare to do if you don't try you never know.

This is an example, suppose you buy an orange, you have to dare to try it, open it, and eat it, so you can act with the oranges you buy.



Effort is also like that, even though you fall, even though you fail it doesn't matter but you have experienced, and experience as much as possible and you will learn a lot when you have experienced.

Well, the point is that trying to be better than keeping your fears at bay, so here's our discussion, hopefully it will be useful for novice entrepreneurs, and thanks to all of you who have stopped by and read my post this time, and see you in my next post. with a different topic, thank you.

Gretings From Me @humaidi

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