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#club75 || Business Activities - How To Build A Team In Your Business ||



Hello, how are you all steemit friends, I hope you are all in good health always, well as usual on this occasion I will discuss about business, and I hope your business is always successful.

We will discuss how to build a team in our business?

So, for a beginner business, we should at least look for one or two people to join our business, where do the references come from? Now, we are looking for references from people who are more or less similar to what we are looking for, so for example, for example, if we want to look for admittance members or not, where should we look? Look for people who have worked in banks, they must know about financial problems.Or seek from their friends who understand financial matters.


Now, for the next example, if we want to find a driver, we will definitely look for it in travel, we can say that the reference is focused on people who are similar to their job.

Then, we have to have an organizational structure, for example, if we have a business selling toys, we can buy it elsewhere and then sell it in our shop.

Now here we have to make a structure, for example there is a chairman, admission or payment, and people who promote our business, now here we can share tasks with our team.

What is our target for a year? For example, we have a business this year, the target is turnover. For example, I want to have a business, for example, I have industrial goods. I don't have a Blade this year. 1 concert, second. I want to get more customers. the structure, so we're looking for a team. If you want, I'm a production team with the admin team, so we're looking for employees, or a team that can help us produce one because we don't have time to produce a lot and finally things that have to do with typing or replying -reply or have business data, it's administration while finance and marketing we hold first, if they start a business 1 for production 1 for admin marketing finance we hold.


Then if we make work rules, the work is at this time, it's time to go home, at this time, we have holidays, and then we have work rules, such as the place must be clean and tidy.

and today in this folder on this computer the rules are like this, the components of the rules are so on, so we make work rules, uniform rules, rules in the office can't be this can't be that all we make correct work rules so that they are comfortable working and you are in the office I also feel that there are clear rules, so they may or may not, for example, take a break for more than 1 hour or they may or may not be in the office while eating, it's a rule and so on. their task, for example, you have a production team, your task is to make goods to completion every day, there must be a certain target.

Administration, for example, you have to quickly do 1,2,3, emails are answered, every time someone asks you have to reply in the right way and so on. So you explain what each of them does, then if for example there is also a bonus system so that apart from a bonus.

What does the bonus mean so that they work not just relying on a day but there is something they can get which is passive income or the bonus is there is an incentive.So the bonus system is a motivation for them to work so make them more productive.


Now the point is you have to focus on your work and make your customers more comfortable, and clarify the work of your team so that your business will always grow and be successful.

So hopefully it will help you in building a business, hopefully it will be useful, and thanks to all of you who have stopped by and read my post, so my discussion this time is about business, and I'll see you in the next post, thank you.

Gretings From Me @humaidi

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