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Business Activity || promote several types of canopy models. can accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD ||set 10% @businessactivity account by @humaidi ||

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Hello, how are you all #business friends, I hope you are all in good health always, and hopefully today is better than yesterday, now on this occasion I want to share, or want to promote to all of you about our work, and the goods I want to share with all of you, namely several types of canopies, some of these canopies are minimalist types of canopies, which are very suitable to be installed on the home page.

Now this canopy is very famous in our place, formerly the canopy used steel, and in the next few years the canopy has been made or has switched to a minimalist canopy, now for this type of canopy use white iron or stainless iron, thus making the canopy more sturdy and durable.

Well besides that the canopy is very useful, because the canopy that is installed in the yard can be used as a shelter when the sun is hot or when it rains, and used as a parking lot.

Well, here are some types of canopies that I want to offer to all of you.


For the first type, this is a canopy whose model is very good, and has a prominent shape, and for the type of iron used is white steel, and this canopy is not too big, and this canopy is usually installed in homes simple.

The price is 7,000,000IDR/1640 Steem/140 SBD.


For the second type is a simple canopy with a small size, and also not too long, and for the type of iron used is white iron or stainless iron and this canopy is very sturdy, and durable, this canopy is usually also installed at home simple one.

For the price, 6,000,000IDR/1,420 steem/120 SBD.


For the third type of canopy, the minimalist type of canopy that is installed in luxury homes, and for the type of iron that is used also stainless steel, this canopy is very suitable to be installed in luxury homes, it only depends on the home page if the page is large then we can make a type of canopy that is large in size.

The price is 700.000IDR/1.640 steem/140 SBD.


Now for the last type of canopy, it is an ordinary type of canopy, because this house is not too luxurious, but the yard is very large, and this type of canopy is also very large, and for the iron we use also white iron or stainless iron, and This iron is large, so that the building becomes sturdy

The price is 900.000 IDR/1280 Steem/180 SBD.

If you are all interested, you can contact me via discord and facebook, and there are several other types of steel contributions that you can order, and you can see from the table below.

some types of steel contribution in our workshop


Name of goods Price
Iron fence 3000.000 IDR / 420 Steem / 30 SBD
gate, or shop door 800.000 IDR / 880 STEEM / 80 SBD.
canopy 10.000.000 IDR \ 1400 Steem / 100 SBD
trellis 300.000 IDR \ 36 steem / 3 SBD
car cage 3000,000 IDR / 310 Steem / 30 SBD

and here are some types of steel contributions in our workshop, if you like you can order them, and you can see from the prices listed above and contact me and can accept payments with IDR, STEEM, and SBD.

and that's my post on this occasion, if something is wrong in terms of words or something is not polite, I apologize, and see you in the next post.



Business Name Bengkellas Jaya Indah
Owners name @humaidi
Business address Indonesia
gate, or shop door 10.000.000 IDR / 1.500 STEEM / 120 SBD.
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Thanks to the founders and moderators for allowing me to promote some steel contributions in the #Business-Activity community and also to all friends who are active in this community, and contact me at.

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