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Hello, how are you, friends, I hope you are always healthy, and hopefully all activities will be facilitated, of course, business will always run smoothly, so on this occasion I want to share or want to take part in a contest about business which is in the #business-activity community. Well before that I want to thank you. to @cindycam for running this amazing contest, and I hope all members in the business-activity community can participate in this contest.

Now this contest is very useful for business people around the world, in 2022 you must have proposed several ways to improve your business, so that the profits are bigger or get additional income from your business, now here I have built a business about We have built welding for about 5 years, so for that I will explain several ways to get additional income from the business we are running so far.



what do you use to implement the plan?

It is necessary to know that success cannot be achieved instantly but it requires a process wherein getting orders, such as fences, trellises, canopies, from consumers, Kuta wants to open a welding workshop today and it is also flooded with customers but it's not as easy as imagined It takes mental, patience, perseverance, uniqueness and an unyielding spirit and also our prayers.

Well before that we only promoted our business through intermediaries, and in the end our business became famous, and in 2022 I already plan to make promotions to several social media, such as facebook, telegram, tweter, and whatsapp and also like advertising sites so that products we can be known throughout Indonesia.


![pagina-inicio-marketing-digital_33099-1726.jpg]([Istockphoto]( hce]( Source]( )



What type of information do you need?

Before entering the digital marketing business, here are things that need to be optimized or we need to learn first, because this is a very important key, where this must find the target marketing target market, this is very necessary because all businesses are customers. it's different even the business is the same but the target market in all areas is different, for example people aged 30-40 men and people who work for example employees, so where can we determine this, we just target the average Well, in the last year, the most frequent visitors to this location are men aged 35-45, for example, here we can see someone's behavior when they want to order goods at our workshop.

Well here we need some comments from our customers so we can take this business further, because customer comments can be a motivation for us, whether they are satisfied, or not satisfied, from there we can assess our work, and if the customer is satisfied then we are happy, and if on the other hand our customers are not satisfied we will work carefully so that there are no mistakes.

weld-108585__480.jpg Pixabay


If what you are looking for is to grow your business or develop a new product?

Now every business needs capital, to develop a business or give birth to a business for operational costs, marketing, so here I choose to develop an existing business, so to advance this business we need capital, or people who can invest in our business, because the more growing a business, the more capital that must be at stake

Besides that, to find customers, it's definitely an effort to trust customers, so if a product or item that we make is not finished, the customer can't pay yet, if the item is ready to be installed, the customer will pay all the price for the order, so we do that every week To make an order, we definitely need a lot of capital, so that our business will be more successful.

Is it to save or invest?

Well, there must be something called saving and investing, so in the business that we run, we choose both, some of the income we have, some of us save and we invest, so the understanding is that if we save, there is nothing in this life. know in the future, so if someone needs emergency funds, there must be savings, now someone must have a dream to make his business more successful, so the way is by investing because it is very useful in the future or in old age. So I chose both, because both are very important.Well, hopefully in 2022 what we aspire to be achieved.


So every entrepreneur wants his business to always be successful, so always work hard and keep the spirit, and especially you must have an attitude, because building a business really needs an attitude, such as

  • Dare to take risks
  • dare to take responsibility
  • dare not be paid
    So if you don't have this attitude, then forget about being an entrepreneur, because every business takes courage.

That's the contest post about my business on this occasion, and thank you very much to all of you who have stopped by and read my post, and I also didn't forget to invite some friends to participate in this contest @abialfatih @rabibulhasan78 @ngoenyi I hope they can take part in this contest, see you next time with a different topic, of course about the business that we are running, thank you.


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