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Benefits of Tendermint

For 250-byte transactions, Tendermint can process at a rate of 10,000 transactions per second. It also has better and simpler light client security, making it ideal for mobile and IoT use cases. In contrast, the Bitcoin light client requires more work and has many requirements, which makes it impractical for certain use cases.

Tendermint has fork-accountability that can prevent attacks such as long-term irrelevant double spending and censorship.
Tendermint is implemented through the core of Tendermint, which is a "application-independent consensus engine". It can basically convert any deterministic black box application into a distributed replication blockchain. = Tendermint Core is connected to the blockchain application through the application block link interface (ABCI).
Inter-block communication
As we mentioned before, the architecture of Cosmos will follow the Hub and Zones approach. There will be multiple parallel blockchains connected to a central Hub blockchain. Think about the sun and the solar system.

The Cosmos Center is a distributed ledger where individual users or regions themselves can store their tokens. These areas can interact with each other through the Hub using IBC or Inter Blockchain Communication.

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