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Mahakhali New Cineplex Review !!

Aslam today visited the 3rd branch of the newly built Star Cineplex at SKS tower market in Mohakhali. As a whole the market is still new, there are a few toys and cosmetic shops on the bottom floor. Not yet launched. The only attraction of this market is the cineplex !! This place has to be smaller than City Star Cineplex and other terms of the number of Crafts, tidy and modern and beautiful Like my kacheajake their Hall-1 English movie Terminator-dark burst (2D) in Dolby atmos dekhechiodera yet
I did not see the picture so now I am giving reviews of Hall-1.


4) Good Comfortable & Luxury Seats: The inner seats of Hall 1 are nice and comfortable, the seats in Hall 1-2-3 of Bashundhara City are quite small and for those who are taller and thicker, it seems very uncomfortable to sit but regular seats in this cineplex of Mohakhali are bigger and Apart from this, there is enough room for each row to move, so if anyone else moves, the seat will not have to be lit. The number of regular seats in Hall 1 is quite high. , There are only 12-5 semi-recliner seats in a row, and one end is the Lunchger seat where the bed is sitting and watching the movie. These Luchger seats are thought to attract irregular visitors, who may go 2-4 times a year. Normal seats won't attract these lovers.
2) Shocked Screen: The screen of Hall-1 of this cineplex of SKS Tower in Mohakhali is absolutely stunning and clear picture. You will notice that the screen of Bashundhara City Hall 1-2-3 is in yellow, so 2D movie prints have a feeling of dirt and yellow. 3D is a lot darker. The screen is very bright and the screen is as good as the good Bangladeshi movie and English 2D movie can be enjoyed by very cinematic viewers. Especially for those who want to watch good Bangladeshi cinema on a shocking print screen, this cineplex of Mohakhali is a perfect place as this shocking screen will be available only at this cineplex without the Dhaka City Border Storage Cineplex. Because of this I could not say anything here. There is no separate price for 2D and 3D. For all Bangladeshi movies and Hollywood 2D and 3D movies Postal order tickets for the same money.
3) Ticket Availability, Beautiful Environment and Easy Travel System:
Bashundhara City is a large market where people are crowded every day to buy, which is why people visit Cineplex in this area. On the other hand, SKS Tower in Mohakhali is new and its only address is Cineplex Other than the cineplex, nothing has been launched here. There are easy tickets available and other visitors They do not bother each other but rather watch the movie silently, which leads to the movie. Many people in the cinema cinema of Basundhara say that they lose their focus to talk about phone and talk loudly but do not experience such incident here. You can come here with 5 bucks.

bad side :

3) High Price and Screen Size: It is true that the screen of Hall-1 was quite clean and white but despite the price they should have increased the screen size for the ticket. Even though the price is higher, the screen size of Hall-1 has been resized to a 1-2-3 screen in the Star Cineplex of Bashundhara City, but even though there is a larger screen like Hall 4, the same thing is true. The inside of the hall is also somewhat smaller.
The new screen is better. Whether it will be normal but after 3-5 years from now, there will be some question as to whether it will be shocking and keep the screen clean regularly. Keeping the screen more than the plexus, so that the authorities keep the screen clean regularly like this, no one will want to look after the higher prices again. I think the prices are kept only for the new design seat layout but if the cinema always seats for 2-3 hours. No one will go to watch. At one time the concept of this seat will be outdated because the comfortable seat is in all the cineplexes when the movie is available to the people.

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