Downhill At Dawn - How We Roll Longboarding

Following David Befus down a grip run called Skylines in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

David almost slide out in the left, which nearly made sh*t my pants, cause I'm a fair bit sloser than it looks in the 360 video.

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Dude that was so sick! Music is on lock and the 360 angle makes it look SO GOOD!
I really enjoyed it!

20.08.2019 11:52

Thanks man! Going to try to do more selfie stick skating, it always looks so good!

20.08.2019 20:22

That was amazing.
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20.08.2019 13:16

Thank you! I'm saving some of the best for last. Just you wait!

20.08.2019 20:20

Dude this is awesome. Such a cool view that the 360 camera gives. How does that even work - does it stick up off the top of your helmet on a pole or something?

Perfect music for it as well. Really fun watch

25.08.2019 05:09

In this video I have it on a selfie stick, which was how I was aboit to create the chase footage. I usually do out in my helmet though, cause it's hard to skate with a stick in my hand, and i'm afraid I might smash it on the ground if I crash.

25.08.2019 18:05

Ah that makes sense - in another of your videos I had seen your shadow with the cam sticking off the top of your helmet but I wasn't sure how you could have gotten some of the shots in this video if that was the case. Dude! I can't believe you are doing downhills like this one with a selfie stick in your hand!

26.08.2019 02:35

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25.08.2019 05:10