Speed Wobbles Down Tightrope - Longboarding Giants Head Mountain


This is a clip of my riding out some speed wobbles while bombing down Giants Head Mountain.

Tightrope is what they call the longest straightaway on the Giant Head Mountain road. It gets as narrow as one lane with no room to spare for cars, and you can hit 70kph on this section if you speed tuck. Mind you that is usually with a slide on the top corner to slow down your entry, while I got squeezed out of room for a slide, and entered into the staight already cooking! Sadly I didn't have gos on, so not sure the speed I was going, but definitely felt faster than 60kph.

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31.07.2019 00:04

Hell Yeah Dude!
Keep the adrenaline pumpin

31.07.2019 10:31

Awesome bro. Always have fun.
Resteemed by @steemskate

31.07.2019 10:31