My 2020 Steem Update

Happy New Year everyone!

Life has been a bit busy, so I went out for a little walk on my lunch break from work, to shoot a short update on the status of Longboarding on Steem. As many of my followers saw, I recently made a Steem Pitch video that I have been spreading around, and I am starting to see interest.
As I mentioned in the video, I am starting to get my friends from the longboarding community to start joining Steem. First of many is my friend, and bad ass longboarder, @DizzyJ ! I know I am super stoked to have more board related content to consume on the Blockchain, and if you are too then give her a follow, and like her introduction post!

DizzyJ's Post


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Welcome to Steemit @howweroll :)

09.01.2020 05:51
10.01.2020 14:46

Cool I have followed both @dizzyj and @aaronadventures :)

09.01.2020 07:35

Appreciate the support as always! I think they will do really well, and add a lot to the platform.

09.01.2020 14:19

Thank you!!! <3I can't wait to see where this takes us all! xoxox

10.01.2020 00:45

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09.01.2020 07:36

Great stuff buddy and thanks for the shout out! Just resteemed @dizzyj post for more visibility!
Text me in Discord or here if you need help with accounts or anything!
Much love and keep it up bro. Just onboarded a couple of skaters too.
The one goes by the name @dikayskate and the other one has yet to write his introduction post.

Take care too my friend and fuck, yes, you had frost in your mouth lol!

09.01.2020 09:58

Thanks bro!
Gave your friend a follow too!

09.01.2020 14:18

Thank you for the hype!!! <3

10.01.2020 00:46

Keep up the good work bro!
Resteemed by @steemskate

09.01.2020 10:21

oh fun

09.01.2020 19:46

Thanks for the shout out daryll!! Stoked to keep contributing to this platform and seeing where this takes us! thanks for introducing me to this super exciting time!

10.01.2020 00:47