Just added another 52 Steem Power! Woot!

(Original photo I took of Sean Young at the Chute Lake Downhill Race in BC, Canada. 🇨🇦 )


Does anyone know how to calculate how much Steem I have earned vs what I've added? I guess I could just go back and count it, but I feel there has to be a better way, especially with all those tools that people have developed.
I tried to use some basic math on to calculate how much vests each Steem is worth, and then use that to figure out how much of my steem was earned organically.

4,390,787.81 vests / 2,220 steem = 1978.72
Total vests earned 227,390 / 1978.72 = 114.91 steem earned?

I know I've added a fair bit of steem from investing, but that number still feels really small. Especially since my author earnings for last week along was over 50 Steem, and I had a power last year that was at the time worth over $200CAN! So I feel like something is wrong with how I am calculating this! Does anyone know how to figure this out?

The Goal

My main goal on Steem is to build up the longboard community, and help some of the many content creators in that community to start earning money for all their work. My hope is that if I can have a little bit of success myself, it would be much easier to convince all my friends to join. But I want to be able to give these people some solid numbers, so I can be realistic about my predictions before I start promising them we're all going to the moon.

How You Can Help!

Aside from helping me get my calculations right, I could use some love from the community here, and the curators. I've gotten featured a couple times, thanks to @c-cubed / @c-squared / @carlgnash ! But I've only made it to trending on the major tags once!

So if you want to see more action sports on Steem, I ask that you give me a follow, and help my posts become successful, so that I can use that success to draw in more users. I am also fairly green at this, so if you have any advice, or think I should be joining one of your tribes, please give me some advice!


Does anyone know how to add those delegation links like I see on so many posts? I can't seem to find any posts showing how it's done, just tons showing me how to delegate to others.
If you want to see more posts like what I have been creating, as well as curating, why not delegate me some more Steem Power. Want to see more users like me on Steam? Well then Delegate to me even more steem, and I will help bring in a bunch of new users!

Posts Still Earning!

Beaver Lake Solo Raw Run
This post will make your heart pound as I reach 100km/h down this road! A raw run is a video of a skater going down a road, with no editing done to the footage, allowing the wind noise to give you a real sense of how fast they are going. This post is still fairly new, and has good earning potential!

Best Of Giants Head Freeride 2019
This post took me a lot of time to put together, spent about a week just going through footage to find some of the best moments from the event. Definitely a few close calls that could have resulted in injuries, but would it still be fun if there wasn't some risk involved?


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I don't know how to help you with your problem but nice to see you Powering Up so much bro.
Resteemed by @steemskate

03.10.2019 20:16

Looks like you have actually earned 233 SP from you activity on blockchain, 223 SP from author rewards and 10 SP from curation. Check it out here (stats tab, rewards, all time):

06.10.2019 05:36

Ah, well that sounds more like what I was expecting. I had gone to steemd, but now i know to use steemworld for that part of things. Thank you!

07.10.2019 04:24