Longboarding On Steem - Episode 1

Trying a new format here, and I'm going to try to make it a regular show, especially as our community grows.

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So weed is legal in Canada bro? Lucky! Loved the ending of the video!Hehehe!
Good job on boarding people dude! And fuck yeah, I live for a 100$ Steem token lol!

How did your trades go? If you sold at 0.28 it's now a perfect time to buy back again. I though Steem was gonna sink way bellow 0.25 but no, it maintained the price while lot's of coins are correcting hard since yesterday!

16.02.2020 08:34

Oh i did quite well! I'm not really sure how to tell exactly how much I made, especially when all the prices fluctuate between bitcoin and steem. But i think I made like $300 Canadian, maybe more? Had as much 6,500 steem at one point, sold most right before the correction, and now buying back in the lower price. Definitely was playing a bit risky with my savings, but luckily it paid off.
Yup, i protested for so many years, and finally weed became legal. Still the laws need more changes, but it's a good start!

16.02.2020 15:13

Yeah bro, keep em coming! Great video!
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16.02.2020 09:03

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16.02.2020 09:27

Rad dude!! Hit me up if you ever come east for a skate. West is definitely best though. I think I'm wanting to try Maryhill next year if possible.

17.02.2020 00:46

Highly recommend Maryhill! To me GHF is the ultimate hill to slide corners, and maryhill is the ultimate hill to grip corners. Definitely taught me a lot about doing a proper corner, and gave me confidence in how fast it's possible to grip corners. The first run I freaked out and slid before the first real corner, cause I thought I was going too fast for how sharp the turn was. Now I can take Maryhill tucked the whole way, though i'm still not even close to keeping up with any of the pros.

17.02.2020 02:29

Thanks for the shout out my friend!! Still trying to recover my data from my hard drive! Its harder than it sounds! especially when you have an older operating system.... but I hope to bring some new media here soon!

17.02.2020 22:31