I'm Back!


Hey it's your favorite crypto using longboarder @HowWeRoll! Sorry I disappeared for so long, I kinda got a bit depressed for a bit as I was getting nothing but criticism from my fellow longboarders who didn't understand Steemit. Top that off with a rough winter, a bad video game habit, and I just kept putting off making a new post over and over, till the time since the last post was it self a reason to be depressed.

Well I just took a month off work, and got my head strait. Plus I filmed some more hills, made an edit, and started working with 360 video, so now I got stuff to post for a while! The above picture is a shot of my at Giants Head Freeride 11 this year.

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Wow! Awesome shot! I'm envious. Welcome back! Looking forward to more posts.
Haven't been on my board most of winter, looking forward to getting back out.

23.07.2019 03:05

Good to have you back man and looking forward to your future posts!

23.07.2019 12:47

Damn thats an epic shot would like to see @howweroll hit up @dtube or @threespeak so we can see some video action :) Good on you for making a come back!

23.07.2019 15:52

Definitely have a bunch of video I'm getting ready to post. I've posted I think one video on dtube, but i'm new to this threespeak. Got an article that shows me how to post to them?

26.07.2019 17:43

Hello howweroll, welcome to Partiko, an amazing community for crypto lovers! Here, you will find cool people to connect with, and interesting articles to read!

You can also earn Partiko Points by engaging with people and bringing new people in. And you can convert them into crypto! How cool is that!

Hopefully you will have a lot of fun using Partiko! And never hesitate to reach out to me when you have questions!

Creator of Partiko

26.07.2019 16:45

Is there a good post you can direct me to, that will show me all the features of Partiko? Still got lots ofcatching up to do!

26.07.2019 17:41