Dreamy Downhill Longboard Run: Meadows In The Sky


This road had been on my bucket list since I first heard about it as the longest downhill road in Canada that is skatable. It was partially closed down due to snow on the top section, but this meant less traffic, and a section completely close to cars, but that section i'm saving for another day.
I only did a 7 minute portion of the open road, as the whole thing takes something like 45 min to an hour to skate down, and I needed to save my legs for Giants Head Freeride.

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Whooo my adrenaline is rushing by just seeing this, looks awesome!

10.10.2019 18:16

Thanks! Took me a long time to get the confidence to skate down open roads like this, but i'm glad I learned. I think this is the closest feeling to flying we can achieve, without actual flying involved.

10.10.2019 18:27

That was fantastic dude. Such beautiful landscape to ride with your board!
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10.10.2019 19:57

Why the downvote @caractus ?

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10.10.2019 20:08