Beaver Lake Solo Raw Run - Longboarding On Steem
Here is a raw run of Beaver Lake, outside of Kelowna, BC, Canada.
My gps kept lossing signal, but halfway down the hill it showed 97km/h! That's the fastest I've ever gone, and it's possible it even broke 100, but I have no confirmation of that.
Also, this was day after I almost broke my ankle, I almost fell when I went to foot brake at the end.

Check out my Best of Giants Head footage! It didn't get much attention cause i posted it late at night to make a deadline for a contest, so please give it some love! Also if it wins, that means big votes! So vote on it now, and get some good curation if i win!

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01.10.2019 23:01

Gotta get the adrenaline pumpin man.
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02.10.2019 08:48

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06.10.2019 05:32

Wow dude that is intense! So that is about 60 mph? That is insane!!!

06.10.2019 05:33

Google says it's 62mph. They say in racing that after 100km/h, each extra km/h is considered a milestone. World record is 146km/h, or 90mph. Don't think i'll be attempting to break that record any time soon.

07.10.2019 04:33

The front man should be pushed back
Respected by @StemSkate.
Brother you are so cool. I saw your profile from start to finish. Your profile has created a lot of interest in me

06.10.2019 09:19