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29.09.2019 12:24

This is cool! Nice music! I like it!👌👌

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30.09.2019 22:23

Thanks man! Definitely almost injured myself a few times filming it, so i'm glad it was worth it!

30.09.2019 22:46

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03.10.2019 03:11

Nice footage dude like the pop gun :) Kinda made me nervous every time you shot backwards LOL Hey I would highly recommend using more tags, you only have dtube and the5reelgood. #steemskate you should for sure use on all your skateboarding posts, probably #video just because it is the generic video tag, #palnet and #neoxian because they are general purpose tribes and you can earn extra crypto, and I think you should look up the sports tribe and tag (not sure - maybe #sportstalk ?) . But in any case, only using two tags as you have here really restricts the visibility of your post. Cheers

03.10.2019 03:27

Oh wow i didn't notice that! I at first accidentally forgot tags all together at first, but noticed it right away. But somehow i must have messed up adding the others, and just ended with those 2. It was 3am, i was not thinking clearly, but i made the contest deadline!

03.10.2019 03:57