Magnesium chloride - a powerful helper in osteoarthritis and arthritis

A good friend, with whom I have been playing table tennis for decades, told me about his knee problems. An MRI examination revealed that hardly any cartilage was left in one knee and it was already rubbing bones against bones. Since he did not want to follow the path of an artificial joint suggested by his orthopedist, he asked me for alternative options.

What did I advise my friend?

First of all, I pointed out that he had an adequate supply of calcium. So that this can be stored optimally in bones and cartilage, especially in winter, the intake of a good vitamin D3 preparation is required. See my blog article about "Vitamin D". Similarly, the body needs enough vitamin C to cure joint problems. Although I knew that my friend and his wife were largely fully nourished, I thought that an indication of possible acidification of his tissue would not hurt.

What recommendations did I give?

Since I knew, of course, that in addition to the calcium and the magnesium is of paramount importance for the bone and cartilage structure, I researched the net and I came across a very interesting site.

The Jesuit Father Benno Schorr, who taught chemistry, physics and biology in Brazil, could hardly walk because of various problems with his musculoskeletal system and was advised by a brother to take the advice magnesium chloride. He followed this advice and after 30 days he was able to walk painless again. Other health problems - forgetfulness, prostate cancer - have been positively influenced. Here is the link to the story of the Jesuit Father Benno Schorr: "An Incredible Remedy". (

How is the magnesium chloride prepared?

Half a liter of tap water is added to a glass bottle with half a liter of mineral water. Now add 33 grams of magnesium chloride, shake, and drink from this solution in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before going to sleep, a shot glass (40 ml). If this dose is too much laxative, take only one glass a day.

Magnesium chloride can be purchased at any pharmacy or ordered online. (

Final remarks

Since I also always have easier joint problems, I will try this "miracle cure" and report in about half a year on its effect.

I only took magnesium chloride for about 1 month because I did not tolerate it that well. Often I had an unpleasant feeling in the stomach and occasionally diarrhea. My mild joint problems have improved significantly by a base-rich diet. My wife continues to take magnesium chloride and hopes that her bone density will not deteriorate further.

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