Winner of giveaway day #17 and Announcement of giveaway #18

Hello everyone! what's up? Hope everyone is well, alhamdullilah I'm fine season are almost end only one days left so all people are now in steemmonsters try to they're best in game I'm also doing well! but now I'm going to announce winner of previous giveaway and the announcement giveaway day #17 Another day is gone so It's time to announce the winner of yesterday giveaway! 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnAfpeUZZv1K7QzS2.jpeg

In the last giveaway were was 0 participants so according to the rules no winner there today because everyone has the enough card but if you participate in my giveaway then i will determine the winner by miniwebtool

What is steemmonsters?

  • steemmonsters is a crypto collectable card game built on the steem blockchain, people are collect the cards, level up them, and play for great prizes


Details of card

  • Name Exploding dwarf L-1
  • Splinter : Fire
  • Card Type : Monster
  • Reality :Common
  • Edition: Reward


It is very easy to partecipate:

  • add a comment with your steemmonsters user name
  • tag a steemmonsters player in your comment who interested to participated in this giveaway
  • upvote and resteem is really appreciate but not a must (optional)

When 24 hours age of this post then I will determine the winner with all the perticipated names with a random name picker

And after 24 hours of this post, I will announce the winner in the next post, and will send the award to the winner. even I'll share its screenshot of the transaction

Good luck

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Thank you for your continued support towards JJM. For each 1000 JJM you are holding, you can get an additional 1% of upvote. 10,000JJM would give you a 11% daily voting from the 700K SP virus707 account.

15.07.2019 04:28


15.07.2019 14:50

Sorry @hossainbd, my vote isn't strong enough to make up for the downvotes...
Don't let this get to you. You made a mistake, and you know. I think these downvotes are not in proportion. I'm doing my best to get this solved.

16.07.2019 15:01

I'm sorry @simplymike I'm really really sorry about that If I knew that before if someone helped someone at the champion level, then the result would be so terrible, then I would have done so, so forgive me and the downvote that's okay for me because I made a mistake. I deserve it. Please do not vote in the post with the money, I am not personally right i became a "cheater" only for three battle so forgive me 👏 thanks @simplymike

16.07.2019 16:08

Hi! Since I started this topic on discord about these battles, I will write how it looks from my perspective. I understand that people make mistakes, sometimes unknowingly. Actually, those 3 battles may not have looked like something bad at the time of playing, but just as I saw them, I got a bit frustrated. In one season, such behavior cost me the first place on the leaderboard.

The fight at the top of the table is very difficult, a lot depends on luck, sometimes one fight determines everything. And such battles can change a lot.

I know that you both are very great players and I wish you the best. I would not want this little mistake to change your attitude to the game.

I do not support these flags.

In all of this, all I wanted was to pay attention not to do so and play fair, especially since it is the end of the season. You made a mistake, you understood it and that's all.

For me it's not cheating, just a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.
Good luck in battles!

16.07.2019 16:27