Eid day #3 but I'm still busy

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is good? Alhamdulillah I'm fine, but I'm busy with my work, because many of our members have gone home on Eid holidays so I've got to stay here, but I'm okay. Although we were supposed to be out in the afternoon on Eid day, we could not do it for rain. It's been raining a lot here since yesterday so I'm just letting our friends know I'm busy so I don't have that much time to play and post, hopefully I'll be back soon! Happy Eid - Eid Mubarak to all

However yesterday I completed my quest and there was a sacred unicorn in hossainbd, the screenshot is given below.

Thanks to all

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Nice...some legends started to likes you too @hossainbd..so you have not gone to the sea beach too? No matter how busy you are.. just take care of yourself and have fun.

14.08.2019 05:04

Thanks! No, I and my friends got out of the camp together but after that moment of rain we didn't go. but today we have a plan to go there so let's see what the weather is like, If we can't go today for bad weather, I will plan to go tomorrow

14.08.2019 05:19

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14.08.2019 20:21

Sm hero hahahaha you always get good card.dear

15.08.2019 02:52

congrats honey...keep it up..

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