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Keybase is an end-to-end encrypted chat application available on the web, PC and mobile devices. Keybase connects you to different people around the world, it is fast, free with no ads. Keybase also offers cloud storage you can use to store files and access it remotely from other devices. Wiki

Keybase recently partnered with XLM foundation and now integrated the XLM wallet within the app. So if you're downloading Keybase, you're also downloading XLM along with it, you will notice the app size is huge, I gave you a hint why.

In order to promote Keybase to the crypto world, Keybase is offering 2 Billion Lumens for everyone valued around $112 million USD. Keybase will be airdropping 100 Million Lumens every 15th of the month among qualified users, meaning the more people join the lesser the reward. The airdrop started on the 15th of September, and some users have gotten the airdrop three rows. There is new info regarding the airdrop like some countries have been lifted from a ban. Check here for latest announcement regarding XLM airdrop.


In this post, I will use an Android app as a sample. You can follow this procedure on the PC software.

Download Keybase from

Fill in your username and confirm your mobile number.

Before any user can join the airdrop, Keybase wants users to backup their private key on three different occasions. I chose to back up through Paper Key because this is simple and quick. To do this; On the app home screen, tap on the Menu icon (it's located in the bottom right).


Select Devices from the next screen


Click on this Button;

Select Create a paper key. Repeat this procedure three times. Make sure you save the private key somewhere in case you lost your account, this can be used to restore your funds.


Now, you're ready to join the Airdrop;

Goto wallet. Since it's your first time, you will be shown a countdown and agree to their terms, and then click on the next button to create a wallet and then proceed.


Tap on your account menu

Select Airdrop from the list, join and you're done.


Finally, you will see the Stellar logo beside your name.

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