THE DIARY GAME:09/05/2021

Hello greetings to y'all steem friends hope we all doing well ,it another edition of my diary game am about to share with you my day of 09/05/2021

I woke up this day at exactly 5:39am said my prayers next after that I did some exercise ,after that I went out and started with my morning activities , firstly I had to go take care of the shop ,then go fetch water
Arrived home went and took care of the pigs

Done with that I had to hurry up brush my mouth then had my bath so I could catch up with time for church since it was a Sunday . So by 8:30am I was all set and running late I hurried up to the road site took a bike and I arrived church at about 8:45am

It was a very interesting service and it was mother's day so the service was mostly about mother's ,most of the activities in church was mostly carried out by mother's ,from singing, announcement, and also they acted some interesting drama concerning the characteristics of a good mother

So we closed at exactly 10:45 from there I walked back home arrived home at about 11pm .from that time I really had nothing doing my phone was low and we had no light I just had to turn around waiting for it , normally we us to have light at 12 noon or some few minutes pass but unfortunately we had light at 2pm so I kept my phone on charge then turn on the TV to follow up on some football matches .it was really a boring day for me so I left the house to check on a friend . I arrived his place at exactly 4pm we both watch the football matches together
. At that time I was really hungry so I went to the kitchen and prepared rice

So we spend the whole day together,at about 8pm I left his house back to my place , that's really how my day was ,thanks for reading.

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Match & chill, infact TV and food are the best combination of life fr fr with a little combination of sleep

10.05.2021 11:37

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