1 STEEM and your upvote can make a difference, HOPE DAY (Weekly update)

Hello friends, here @fucho80 creator and administrator of the HOPE DAY program with the intention of sharing with you the progress of this initiative that is helping with food to needy children in the most vulnerable sectors of my small city in Venezuela.


For me and the team that supports me, days of great satisfaction pass, it is a great blessing to be able to help in these critical moments of our history, to be able to bring hope each week generates an indescribable feeling that we want to share with all of you who support from the beginning this program, as well as those that are added over time.

To all of you, THANK YOU!

Weekly summary


The week elapsed between June 15 and 19, this week allowed us to incorporate sector number four of four that we had planned to incorporate in these first months of the program, so we can already say that we are serving four sectors regularly with our program: PUNTA DE BARQUIZ, LAS BRISAS, FRANCISCO DE MIRANDA AND BUENAVENTURA.

Thanks to God and to the support of all of you, we have been able to progressively incorporate the sectors that we plan to attend initially, this is an important achievement in the development of the program, an achievement that without your support would not be possible.

This week we did not obtain direct donations to our wallet, however, thanks to those who voted positively for our publication, we managed to raise 33 STEEM, a fairly modest figure but which we are equally grateful for.

From here we keep saying a STEEM and UPVOTE can and are making a difference in Venezuela, do not miss your opportunity to help.

Proof of delivery.


_Las Brisas June 15/2020_
IMG_20200615_090124.jpg IMG_20200615_091156.jpg

IMG_20200615_090456.jpg IMG_20200615_090813.jpg

_Francisco de Miranda June 17/2020_
104417251_285186079350906_78454453975009407_n.jpg 104169732_595995317709445_8694703053777297495_n.jpg

104672797_289509168869006_5743124609067718998_n.jpg 103316493_676820533174168_2992365556955390195_n.jpg
_Punta de Barquiz June 19/2020_
IMG_20200619_093501.jpg IMG_20200622_094828.jpg

IMG_20200619_093925.jpg IMG_20200619_094007.jpg



I want to thank all those who constantly support us with their donations, Upvotes or resteem.

Note: The Steem that the program receives in the form of Steem Power works as the background of this program, to have the guarantee of being able to continue carrying out this activity, and if it allows us to continue expanding the program.

Join our effort.


I have already said it before, in Venezuela due to the great crisis that the country has been going through in recent years, it is very difficult to sustain a program like this, it is a great challenge due to the need we face, however, we believe that it is Possible if we join and decide to donate even 1 STEEM, that makes the difference, I'm sure.

If you are one of those who knows the program and are supporting it, I invite you to continue investing in the need of the people, do not leave us alone in this; If instead you are learning about this initiative now, we ask you to join us and share with us the joy of children.

If you want to support this initiative, it is quite simple what you must do, you only have to send 1 or more STEEM to the account of @hope.venezuela, leaving your upvote and resteem to this publication.

Join us on this quest for hope!

Note: This publication is cross-posted on the STEEM and HIVE networks to reach more people.

We look forward to your support!

1 STEEM and your vote in favor can make a difference

Will you come with me to make a difference?

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Great initiative... it is always rewarding to think of the welfare of others. Upvoted and resteemed, I will also auto upvote you here >>> https://follow.steems.top/ so I will not miss any of your posts. More power and God bless all of you.

26.06.2020 06:27

una iniciativa muy bonita la verdad, para apoyar tu inicitiva y ayudarte no solo con mis voto a tus post, mas te donare el 20% de todos mis post a partir de hoy, creo que te lo mereces por lo que haces, que eso no tiene precio

26.06.2020 14:20

Hola amigo, gracias por tu generosidad, bendiciones hermano.

29.06.2020 20:36

Good job!

29.06.2020 06:06