1 STEEM and your upvote can make a difference (Balance of the second month)

Hello dear friends, all those who support the HOPE DAY program, those who will join from now on and all those who read this program for the first time. Here writes @fucho80 founder and administrator of this initiative created to bring food to hungry children in Venezuela.


This time I offer you the balance of the second month of this wonderful program, just as I did at the end of the first month with this publication: 1 STEEM and your upvote can make a difference (First month balance)

At HOPE DAY we are very satisfied with the results of this program, in addition to feeling immensely grateful to all those who have contributed to continue this program that provides breakfasts to children, in four vulnerable communities in Uracoa, Monagas State, Venezuela.

What we have achieved so far.


The last month we have been quite busy, the resources we have received are the following: 143.25 STEEM + 99,273 HIVE, this helped us deliver a total of 1,312 breakfasts in four different sectors during this last month, logically the resource we obtained on the platforms It is not enough to cover all the expenses, however it represents a great help.

If we add it to the previous month it makes a total of:

248.45 STEEM

164.373 HIVE


All this in two months of life of this program, we have reasons to rejoice and to continue working.

We can and we want to continue doing more, but we need your help, our intention is to maintain this program for a long time, however, without your help it is very difficult to do so, so I ask you to join us and give us your input 1 or more STEEM/HIVE, UPVOTE, REBLOG Or if you want you can configure the account @hope.venezuela as a beneficiary with the percentage that you think is convenient and thus you will be helping children in poverty.

Last week delivery from July 6 to 12.


Buenaventura, July 6.

107624985_875147599643181_6714502278800095083_n.jpg 107846255_591764964876503_901096195095899133_n.jpg
107517011_309260963448556_7871120034806020504_n.jpg 107509052_1072117473189031_7042869187752481047_n.jpg

Punta de Barquiz, July 8

IMG_20200708_092258.jpg IMG_20200708_093110.jpg
IMG_20200708_093216.jpg IMG_20200708_092541.jpg

Las Brisas, July 11

107274048_589879705283317_3511984795774824826_n.jpg 107790821_734670524012991_1473575223429037037_n.jpg
107960526_285343849244093_8797415468252347997_n.jpg 108003847_727102501419415_6023905732498094898_n.jpg

Thank you and call for help.


The truth is that I will not mention anyone in particular, but all those who collaborate keep them in mind in my prayers and my sincere thanks and my assurance that all your efforts will be rewarded.

Stay with us on this journey of love and together we build a better world, each child who receives help is a life positively impacted from this virtual world.

Remember that 1 STEEM, UPVOTE and RESTEEM make the difference!

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