What good is the US accomplishing in the Middle East?

At this point, is the US there for any reason but to avoid the embarrassment of walking away having failed to build a democracy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria? And how many more people must die for the US to save face? How long should they stay before accepting the inevitable embarrassment? How long can we pretend that we're the good guys, or that any of the various governments involved can be divided into the good guys vs. the bad guys rather than all of them being the bad guys?

Trump warned against Obama opportunistically starting a war with Iran and promised he would be able to prevent that. But that was just criticism of Obama. We know that because well, when Obama didn't start a war with Iran and instead came to a historic peace deal, Trump didn't say "Oh great, good job Barry!" Instead he started foaming at the mouth and pledging to undo everything Obama had accomplished.

As a matter of fact, Trump has been screeching about tearing up the peace deal years before he became president, and guess what, he immediately filled his cabinet with people who've held out war with Iran as a singular foreign policy aim for decades.

Trump was handed a relatively peaceful relationship with Iran on a platter and has done nothing but escalate the situation to the brink of an actual war. And this is what he said he'd do all along. Now, we've got a very dangerous situation where the Iranian regime will have to make reprisals because they can't let Trump murder people with impunity, and Trump won't back down because not being seen as "weak" is the only thing his little brain cares about.

There are innumerable ways this situation could spiral way out of control and for what? Because Trump hates Muslims and hates Obama and wants to push Iran around for giggles.

The idea that the United States responded forcefully to an attack on it's embassy is a farce. The protest at the embassy was a response to US military attacks.

If you acknowledge the immorality of the US occupation of Iran, then you can't turn around and use resistance to that occupation to justify further violence by the occupiers.

The US military should not be in Iraq period. Iraqis have every right to resist. And the US has no right to use that resistance to justify further predations.

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06.01.2020 03:41

What good is Iran accomplishing in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen and numerous other places.
Please justify this double standard? Iran has no business in these other countries as well. I agree the US should keep out of business, but you cannot ignore 'the other side'

06.01.2020 16:31

It's pure destabilisation

They fear the combination of german tech and russian ressources and us taking our freedom.

06.01.2020 16:41

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11.01.2020 17:01

Shoulda never gone there in the first place. We'll never really know why that ever happened though.

06.01.2020 16:46

US are the self appointed world police they can bully anyone they want until they come up against someone that can actually fight back.
Why are Iran in these countries to fight US occupation they weren't there before the US turned up

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06.01.2020 17:03