The Russian schools of seduction.

A somewhat interesting article. But it ignores the two main reasons why many Russian women resort to tactics like these, both of which are likely more significant than the Putin regime's promotion of reactionary sexism and social conservatism (which, FWIW, I strongly decry):

  1. Russia has a severe shortage of eligible men relative to the number of women. That's mainly due to high rates of early death, disability, and alcoholism among men (the latter, of course, is a major contributor to the former two). An unbalanced male-female ratio often results in desperate tactics like this among women. Women can't marry men who are dead, and most don't want to marry those who are disabled and/or chronic alcoholics.
  2. For most Russian women, marrying a Western man is one of their very few opportunities to move to a nation that offers greater freedom and opportunity than Russia does (and also less sexism!). Many hope that various seduction tactics will help them attract and keep Westerner on internet data apps, and the like. If you're a Western man who indicates he speaks Russian on his profile in a dating website, there's a good chance you will get lots of messages from Russian women hoping to get the hell out of Russia.

Obviously, point 1 increases Russian women's interest in 2. If there's a shortage of eligible men at home, that makes it even more attractive to search abroad.

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