GoT Final episode script reveals flaws.. and then some.


Some interesting revelations from the script for the final episode of Game of Thrones. In my view, the final episode was actually reasonably good, given the deep hole the writers had dug themselves into thanks to a variety of errors they made in previous episodes. But, as this critique reveals, the plot for the last episode still exhibits some of the more general flaws of the last 2 seasons. A few key points:

  1. Yes, Arya's supposed insight that Daenerys has become a "tyrant" and a "killer" is pretty underwhelming, by this point.
  2. It is indeed true that the fate of the Iron Islands is a plot hole. We never learn whether the new regime will keep Daenerys' promise on this point, or not. Yara is not going to give up on this issue merely because Arya tells her to shut up. And she certainly wouldn't support Bran's ascension to the throne without at least trying to get a grant of independence (as Sansa did for the North).
  3. The extent (or lack thereof) of Bran's seeming omniscience is another major plot hole. Depending on how far it goes, it could be that he is even more evil than Cersei and final-season Daenerys (i.e. - if he could truly foresee everything, that means he allowed all kinds of horrible atrocities to happen without warning anyone, just so he could ascend the throne). I don't think the screen-writers mean to portray the character this way. But if he truly is omniscient, as the script indicates, it's hard to avoid this conclusion.
  4. I did not focus on this when I saw the episode. But it is indeed ridiculous that the normally astute Ser Davos told a eunuch to "start your own house." He's lucky that Grey Worm didn't kill him for that affront alone!
  5. I totally believe that Jon Snow "failed geography." I do NOT believe that about Sansa. She's actually almost the only character who pays attention to geography and logistics during the last 2 seasons. Just another example of the writers ignoring a character's previously established traits.
  6. If Tyrion really does reject "liberation theology," that's one of the very few good decisions he makes during the last two seasons, where he is otherwise totally incompetent! That said, as I have pointed out before, there is no real evidence that Daenerys' ideology has anything in common with liberation theology (which combines Marxism and Christianity) or even that she has any ideology at all beyond opposition to slavery and belief in her own right to rule. The only thing even remotely resembling liberation theology in the Game of Thrones universe may be the High Sparrow's movement in Seasons 5 and 6.

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