Top Shelf Coconut Charcoal SuperAde, Activated Charcoal Beverage


I had the pleasure to get to try this high quality, healthful beverage. I saved this from the landfill and gave it new life inside mine!

Packaging 7 out of 10

I love the bottle and presentation! I don’t like any disposables, nor do I buy stuff at stores, but this is a very nice bottle and could be re-used as a water or smoothie bottle!

Quality of Ingredients 8 out of 10

The ingredients are top quality.Activated charcoal is very beneficial for health. It is a fantastic detox for all sports of toxins and even a good remedy for poisoning!

Taste 7 out of 10

The flavor is pleasant not amazing but for a super healthy detox drink it’s pretty good. I like to drink it in the morning as morning is prime for hydration and detox.





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