Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum

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This is far and away the most popular liqour in Panama by availability and sales. Every store has it, everyone has a bottle of it in the house somewhere, and almost everyone has tried it.


Rum is very common in Latin America, because it’s made from sugar cane which grows very abundantly and easily. This brand is a product of Panama.

Generally most rum is on the cheaper side and not often considered high quality liqour; of course, there is always some rare exception of a high level connoisseur grade in almost all things.


All in all, I find it to be quite good for the very reasonable price.

In fact, for the price I would say it’s one of the best liquors I have ever had!

Now does that mean it’s the best tasting liquor ever? No, but for the value surely!

Overall, I am quite happy with it. If I were going to buy alcohol in Panama, then this would be it, as it’s local and a very good value for quality.

So if you are in Panama, this is a go-to for a staple liquor!



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