Robert Earl Keen Honey Pils

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I always prefer local which is always better as it’s far more sustainable and also supports real families and community instead of mega corps.

If you're going to buy beer, please always buy local craft brews! Way less shipping and your supporting the community more than the industrial mega corp complex.

So as usual, I did not buy this beer nor contribute to the global industrial military complex.

I do get paid to drink and review, but I still keep it real. I prefer the truth over money.

This beer is not my has a nice can and I always want to try any beer with honey as the description!

It’s local which is important to me. I like pilsners but they are not my favorite. Honey is the exciting word here IMO.

I would say it’s a decent beer not bad or good. At least compared to craft beers.

It has a slight honey taste but not enough for me.

Compare it to a traditional Coors it’s amazing! It’s local, tastes good, and is run by a family and supported by a community.

If you live in Texas or visit go for a tour and tasting at the brewery or pick up a six pack at almost any nice grocery grocery store in the area now!



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