Review: Vegan Organic Artichoke Dip!


Here we review another high-quality product of which yet again checks almost all the boxes of greatness.


So first off and most importantly it taste fantastic very enjoyable put it on sandwiches or dip chips.

Second most important it’s actually quite healthy it’s vegan non-dairy and replaces the very common dairy-based artichoke dip.

So it has all the flavor all the satiation that you would want from an artichoke dip but it’s vegan and much healthier.


As far as the aesthetics in the branding goes it’s top-notch.
This company has really good branding great names great marketing and everything about their presentation is fantastic.

It is still produced in a plastic container which is disposable and obviously therefore not sustainable, however compared to everything else as a whole it is no less unsustainable then in the other disposable product and of course if you’re responsible you can recycle the container.

All in all this is a high-quality product it tastes great it’s healthy it’s not a mega corporation and it’s fun. Highly recommended.


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Delicious love it - so yummy

21.06.2020 01:11