High Brew Cold Pressed Coffee

I’m a big coffee fan as I know so many are. It’s the only thing that really does it for me when I et up early and need to start working right away.


I try to not drink it every day, as I pride myself on not having addiction or being reliant on substances of any kind to function.

However, coffee is a favorite substance for sure, and far better than tea or any other forms of caffeine I have tried as far as the mental focus it gives me.

Also, in the summer time I don’t really like hot coffee. It’s really hot in Texas, as we don’t even use AC.

I generally make all my own cold brew from fresh roasted grounds, because I don’t buy things from stores - especially packaged disposable products.


However we got some of these cold brew as a donation so I get to try them and share a review with you here!


Taste 5 of 10

Tastewise it’s fine, but not great. A little boring, and pretty obvious it came out of a can.


Convenience & Caffeine 9 out of 10

As for convenience and caffeine kick, it does the job just fine!

Quality 2 out of 10

As for the quality of ingredients, it’s not organic and does have preservatives. It’s also not fair trade or any of those other special certifications.


So it’s not as good as some other premier cold pressed coffees I have had, and far from as good as my own fresh cold brew.

All in all, if you need a cold coffee it will do the job. If you care about top quality, it’s not really close.


More Honest Reviews coming soon!

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