HSCO's Last 6 Featured Vendors | A RECAP.


Hi it's me again... @SenorCoconut,

By now there are a lot of people out there who have really enjoyed these interviews featuring HSCO's vendors, and I thank you all very much for the awesome comments and feedbacks in regards to my questions and support you have shown to the vendors.

As it may seem like it should only take but a few minutes to type up such a post, it actually takes quite a bit of work. I do a lot of research into the vendor's life, I investigate their blogs, websites and other social media platforms they may be linked to. The reason I do this is to get a sense of who they are, only then can I start the process of finding relevant questions. Of course I ask the kind of questions for things I personally want to know, but I also make sure it all fits within the Homesteaders Co-op mindset and ethics.

If you don't already know,The Homesteaders Co-op is an International Marketplace for Sustainable, Handmade Goods.

Where Mom & Pop vendors are accepting USD, STEEM, SBD, BTC, ETH and coming... for their handmade, sustainable, homegrown and ethically sourced products.


A lot has been happening internally to help everyone within the community... Vendors, Contributors and Participants alike. Things are moving pretty rapidly and we're learning how to grow and adapt to this ever changing digital market.

I will be taking a short break from featuring vendors because I urgently need to work on making our Neo-Tribal Village winter friendly... Living in an travel trailer in New York state is not an easy task!

So today, instead of going on with our typical _VENDOR FEATURE_ of the week, I'll give you a recap of the last six features in this serie.

Like I've mentioned before in these posts:

> It takes a village to raise a child, because when people help eachother life is easier for everyone involved.

So have a look at everyone featured here and if anyone strikes you as the kind of person you would see yourself doing business with, please go ahead and visit their shops!


Porters Place


@Porters is into natural medicine, food sovereignty and meditation. I'm sure there is more to the story, but out of the five questions, we gaine a tremendous sense of how much Porters cares for the overall health of our planet. She wrote a series of books called "Bringing Out the Potential of Children" which I would love to read one day, soon.


Alex Leeor

Bottle wall.jpeg

Ah, this interview was also a gem!!! I am currently reading @eco-alex's book: "Earthship Chronicles" and I am just loving the journey that he takes us through. I am now completely sold on the idea of building an earthship. As the @eco-train driver, Alex tells us: "ecoTrain is about moving forwards together into sustainability and a new level of eco-green global freedom."


Bees by Professor Bromide


Are you ready to learn about bees? @professorbromide sees an up rise in numbers for feral bees, contrary to common beliefs. On top of being a caring beekeeper, our Professor is an avid chemist, inventor and brewer... have a peak at his recipe for a kind of meade you have never heard of!


The Pepper Family Homestead


This is @papa-pepper, @mama-pepper and the @little-peppers' homestead (in case you hadn't deducted such conclusions!). The best way to describe something I haven't been able to put into word came from this interview:

> we are basically trying to “work ourselves out of a job.”

If you are inspired to leave the rat race follow this homesteading familly and I'm pretty sure they will give you the confidence to make that leap towards self-reliance!


Weave to Empower

Women Circle  11 von 26.jpg

Empowering the women in her community, this is @trucklife-family. Meet a defender of all wild things and a birth-activist (because pregnancy isn't a desease). Also find out what it takes to become as free as bird and reconnect to this earth.


Foxfire Homestead


@nateonsteemit is a very active member of many of the communities on the blockchain and a great permaculturist in the making. There's a food forest growing in his suburban yard, chickens are running around and the making of natural medicine has begun!!! Nate has a great idea that needs to spread far an wide: To turn manicured lawns around places of worship into edible gardens.


Every one of the vendors I have interviewed have been such amazing inspiration to me, I hope you can find some of the same golden nuggets for yourself, while reading their feature.

Want to read more? Here's last recap: https://steempeak.com/self-reliamce/@homesteaderscoop/hsco-s-last-7-featured-vendors-or-a-recap

Until next time... soon-ish, I promise I will not take that long of a break 😁! Thank you for reading.


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You’ve been visited by @walkerland on behalf of Natural Medicine!

*Thank you for all you do @SenorCoconut we appreciate it! I loved reading this recap, it's nice seeing a collection of vendors together like this (and what a GREAT group of people!!)It also serves as a good reminder to check out their work. I truly appreciated the interview you did with our homestead, you are such a pleasure to work with and it did feel as though you'd taken the time to learn about us so the questions were more meaningful.

This fortnight, we're having a HERB MEDICINE challenge, sponsored by Curie! You can win over 40 Steem in prizes. Check out the details by clicking here!

NM GIF JUNE 2019.gif

Consider supporting us through continued use of the #naturalmedicine tag, or through delegation. We're all for empowerment through natural wisdoms, and love to support those on their healing journey. We're also the home of 'Mindful Life', a meeting place for meditators on Steem. Come join us on Discord if you're not already there!

24.08.2019 10:41

Ah thank you so much @walkerland, what you said, realy means a lot to me and it put a big 'ol smile on my face!

It's funny I was thinking of your homestead just this morning and how much you guys do... it's very inspiring!

26.08.2019 20:18

All the vendors at the Homesteaders Co-op are such an inspiration for others who may be just starting out on their way to becoming Homesteaders or questioning how to work/live more naturally in their quest to take better care of the earth. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

27.08.2019 02:37

So true! I think part of the reason I love the interviewing process is because qe outselves are just starting out too 😁!

27.08.2019 11:31