Homesteaders - Living Naturally, Newsletter. 11th September 2019

I've barely even started looking through articles to highlight in this week's newsletter and I'm already getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of quality posts this last week. There has been such a movement happening with #newsteem and so many people are going out to find good content to upvote. I feel like this has made content producers feel like it's finally worth putting their best efforts into posting again. Thank you everyone for your amazing work and keep those articles coming. I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to share everything great I come across in the newsletter, but I'll be sharing as much as I can in other places too, if others haven't already beaten me to it.

Keep reading, we've got lots of great news coming up!

Things happening in the community.

This week we've had some pretty exciting news from @naturalmedicine! They had hoped to announce it last week, but some hardfork hiccups made them decide to delay a little. They have launched their own front-end and token! For more information on the token and what sort of things @naturalmedicine will be looking for on their front-end, see further posts on their blog page or visit the pages of @metametheus and @riverflows.

At @ecotrain the new Question of the Week is up and it asks what 3 things would be most important to you in the eco-village of tomorrow Some more context on this can be gained from @eco-alex's post on the possibilities of an eco-village supported by Steem.

Some highlights of the week

Nature trails on the homestead instead of paths? Why not? It certainly makes for a more natural way to grow and harvest your food, with the help of nature. Permaculture at its best with @wildhomesteading.


Some time ago, @artemislives' arm was badly injured in anaccident. Doctors told her she would never regain full use of her arm, but months on, she has regained most of the function in that arm. It shows us, once again, that where there is a will, there is a way.


I keep hearing about cassava, lately, but have no idea how it might be cooked. So what better way to start than with this Filipino cassava recipe from @gingbabida.


Lastly, but certainly not least, @senorcoconut discusses eating well and eating happy. How much more nutrient rich are wild foods?

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Thank you for the mention @homesteadscoop in this week's newsletter. I greatly appreciate it.

11.09.2019 05:40

You're most welcome.

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11.09.2019 08:13

Lovely curation effort, @homesteaderscoop - thank you for the mention! :)

Always feeling such nice balance and a sense of appreciation for nature and our harmony within it when I engage with HSCOOP.

Here's to another great week of posting!

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11.09.2019 11:44

Thank you.
Yes, I look forward to more great weeks of posting. It was getting hard to find posts to feature at one point, without sharing the same authors week after week. Loving the variety coming in.

12.09.2019 01:42

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I feel amazed by variety of communities on steem.

12.09.2019 08:09

Thank you for highlighting my post! :)

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