HomeEdders. Who We Are and a Challenge for Home Educators.

It can be daunting when you first look into homeschooling or unschooling your children. These days, it's not the usual path to take and can be met by family and friends with anything from surprise to resistance, or they could be supportive. Either way, because we no longer have examples in place for how you might approach educating your child outside of the school system, it's no surprise that many of us can wonder where to start, whether we can do this or even if we're intelligent enough to do this.

This is why I feel that connecting with other home educators and building a support network is so important. So for the Steem network I'd like to introduce HomeEdders.


While not a home educator, or even a parent, himself, @lordnigel has been incredibly gracious and gifted us this account for the community. Support can come from all places and he's one of many who have been of great support to myself, @minismallholding, during my time on Steem.

Someone else who has stepped forward to get this community off the ground is @crosheille, a homeschooling mother of 5. She has a range of experience, not least of which is homeschooling with what I consider a large family. Along with myself, she is a moderator on the HomeEdders discord group.

Another who is not a home educator himself, but has been a great supporter is @Pennsif. @Pennsif has been working to bring together alternative lifestyle communities on Steem almost since the moment he arrived here. He was the first to put together a list of homeschoolers and unschoolers on the @altlife account. He's also given the @HomeEdders account a 1000 SP delegation to get us going.

Tags we will be looking out for are #homeschooling, #unschooling, #homeschool, #unschool and #freilernen for the German language.

How do people feel about a challenge to start us off? As I've already mentioned, the decision to home educate can meet resistance from some. So as our first challenge, or question of the week, let's share what sort of opposition we could meet or have met. Perhaps consider:

Did you have struggles with naysayers when you started homeschooling?
Have you had to deal with opposition while homeschooling? If so how did you handle it?
What tips can you give for dealing with homeschooling oppositions?
Share your tips on how to deal with homeschooling skeptics.
Do you have any experiences from homeschooling which would they never could have gotten at school and have been the example you needed to put a sceptic’s concerns to rest?

Anyone who had ever home educated or is considering home education or even feels they have something good to offer to this topic is welcome to have a go at sharing thoughts and making a post on it. Please leave a link to your post in the comments, so we don't miss it.

Your post might be shared on the discord and/or the HomeEdders page. We also have Steem and @steembasicincome shares to give out for our favourite posts.

For awareness I'm tagging the home educators we already know of. If you wish to be removed from being tagged in the future please let myself, @minismallholding, or @crosheille know. In the future I'll move to announcing things on the discord.

@mysticlilly16, @ryivhnn, @wildflowerjessi, @ashtv, @radicalpears, @redrica, @apanamamama, @canadian-coconut, @crosheille, @hippie-witha-gun, @ironshield, @papa-pepper, @ginnyannette, @nancymoral, @wholeself-in, @bpangie, @squishysquid, @homesteadhippy, @tecnosgirl, @bowentroyer, @thefarmerswife, @sumatranate, @gregorypatrick, @dreemit, @fiberfrau, @saturnme, @freilerner-netz, @summertooth @bridgetmartin

If you're a home educator or are thinking about home educating, please join us on discord.

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Welcome homeedders!
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22.09.2019 01:18

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Thank you so much for your interest!

22.09.2019 01:21

Congratulations, your post has been selected to be included in my weekly Sustainability Curation Digest for the Minnow Support Project.

And thank you for the mention.

I am looking forward to seeing @homeedders grow on Steem.

It has been a few years since we did homeschooling but I will be happy to contribute where I can.

22.09.2019 01:54

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22.09.2019 02:01

Welcome to Steemit @homeedders!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

22.09.2019 02:16

Thank you Pennsif, I really appreciate that.

22.09.2019 02:54

Congrats on getting this community going!
I also am not a homeschooler, except for the fact that I do teach my child at home (when he's not in school.) I am interested in homeschooling and in teaching in general as my profession is in childhood development.

The main barrier to homeschooling that I encounter is inertia and the comfort zone. My husband and I both attended public school and liked it well enough, despite its flaws. While I'm cautious about whether the system is good for my son I see him appearing to thrive there, so it's hard to feel confident that home school would really be better. My husband is more biased toward public school. Not because he sees it as the best way to learn, but he sees it as a lesson in 'real life.' This is what most kids do, so you might as well know what it's like and not be sheltered from it.

While I see that point and sometimes agree, I am less likely to accept doing what everybody else does just because they do it. However, inertia keeps me from really making an effort to change. If my husband earned all the income and I was home it would be one thing, as it is now my income is what feeds us and it won't be easy to shift that.

22.09.2019 02:28

Thank you for sharing. Homeschooling isn't for everyone and isn't always an option for everyone even if they do want to. Many of us still teach our children at home in addition to them attending a school, so we all have a certain amount of that experience anyway.

When my daughters were in school, I did a lot of work with my youngest at home, because with some teachers she wasn't always able to grasp what they were trying to teach her. Or she may have missed basic steps which meant she didn't understand what was currently being taught. So, in many ways, I was already homeschooling before they came out of school.

My hope with this community is to provide a place and support no matter what level of learning you do at home.

22.09.2019 03:05

I'll help where I can!
It's my hope to take a year and travel at some point while my son is still growing up, and so give him at least that year of doing things differently.

22.09.2019 03:40

Travel is the best education. In ways I wish we'd done that, but don't know if we'd ever have managed it financially.

22.09.2019 14:01

Building a community here on Steem is a major undertaking and such a great idea, happy to do my small bit - Great to see it off and running, congrats to all those involved :)

22.09.2019 10:29

I hope it grows and offers the support needed. It can do that slowly, though, I really don't mind. 😁

22.09.2019 14:03

Welcome to steemit @homeedders.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

22.09.2019 19:32

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23.09.2019 17:29

Thank you for your support as always.

24.09.2019 01:20

Great news!:)

26.09.2019 02:47

I hope we see you in the discord.

27.09.2019 00:02

ammm..how to join?:)

27.09.2019 00:30

If you want to join us on discord you can do that here: https://discord.gg/Rjdf2uf
Introduce yourself and we'll sort out access to all the channels.

I've followed you with this account, so you are officially on our list, but saying hi on the discord will help you get to know and meet other homeschoolers.

28.09.2019 12:26

Here's my take on it. Thanks for the challange, the community-initiative and everything!


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