The Story of Franz Delitzsch: Middle Years

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Shalom dear tribe, I'm honoured to present the second saga in the story of Professor Franz Delitzsch to you. In this chapter we'll cover his marriage, the loss of his parents, and his move to two other cities, all of which spanned his 30s to mid-50s. During this time Delitzsch came out with the Keil & Delitzsch OT commentary and a 600-page book on Biblical Psychology, singlehandedly took down the KJV-only argument before it was even a thing, founded the "Sown in Hope" periodical, and quietly started work on his Hebrew New Testament. In the telling of this story I hope to not just give you the facts, but also give you a real sense of Franz's spirit and personality in a way that will warm your heart and inspire you to carry on his incredible legacy.

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