GOD Supports Creating an Anime Tribe (Steem Engine)

Hell again everyone. I hope that everyone is having as good of a sunday as I am.

It seems my prayers were answered because the GOD airdrop was far more successful than the GEEK airdrop. I wrote a post explaining the GOD airdrop but many have still questioned the ultimate purpose of the GOD token. This is only natural because deep down inside those commenting knew that GOD has a higher purpose and that the users receiving GOD in their lives were part of a greater plan.

Currently I have raised 410 STEEMP by sharing GOD with the users of steemit. These funds have been bestowed upon an account named @animetoken and the STEEMP will soon be reincarnated as ENG tokens in order to help give birth to an anime steem engine tribe.

An airdrop of the MEME token I created that will help raise more funds for @animetoken has been prophesied. When the MEME airdrop occurs it will be a sign that ANIME token will soon come.

GOD supports the creation of an anime steem engine tribe. Do you?



>Photo Source: steem-engine.com

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An anime steem tribe is cool. But you should not raise funds by selling a token for a project not yet created. I am telling you this because I care about you not running into legal trouble.

If you sell tokens to raise funds for a project that is not created yet the SEC could come after you. Yes, even for very small amounts. The smaller the project the easier the target. Even if you're not in the US it does not mean that the SEC cannot come after you.

If I were you, I would track down everyone that bought your tokens by checking the data and return their tokens to them.

The Hobo project created a token as well but it has been being managed carefully. While the many hodlers of the token might be trading their personal tokens, issuers/creators of tokens do not get to sell their token until there is a fully functional product or service related to their tokens. This is because if your token is a utility token, it must be useful at the moment of selling it.

I am not trying to give you bad news. I say this out of concern for you and for your benefit.

28.07.2019 20:44

Thank you for your opinion.

28.07.2019 21:30

Good and timely advice @hobo.media.

@holovision this is a serious matter that warrants your immediate attention. Please don't take it lightly.

Additionally I would like to inform you that the images that you use is making my antivirus software to give Trojan warnings whenever I log in to steem-engine.com. It appears that you are using images from imagesafe.org which, despite its name, is not safe!

29.07.2019 02:23

I am not sure what you want me to do if imagesafe.org is having a problem. I use that to host my blog images so the only remedy I can think of is stop viewing my blog posts. Nobody else seems to have that complaint about images on my blog posts so maybe the problem is on your end?

29.07.2019 07:14

I use an antivirus software called Malwarebytes on top of the normal antivirus software (Bitdefender Total Security) to detect viruses and malwares not detected by Bitdefender Total Security. Bitdefender does not detect the trojan in the images but Malwarebyte does. There could be viruses and malwares that Malwarebyte may not detect.

Most people use the normal commercial softwares like Avast, Bitdefender etc and therefore wouldn't have detected it. Additionally, because you are just starting off, your readership is not big and neither the userbase of steem-engine.com and so not many people would have detected it and some even if aware of it, may not have bothered to complain. Rest assured as your readership increases, you will get more complaints.

Steem-engine is aware of the problem because I told them so and they are going to address it.

I suggest you stop using images from imagesafe. This would be a proactive and prudent step from your end.

29.07.2019 07:39

I used to use two different antiviruses on the same computer and I would occasionally get false positives. In order to eliminate the possibility of a false positive have you tried using only Malwarebyte on a different computer to see if it still identifies the same problem?

29.07.2019 07:49

That is interesting, @assistive.tech. Thanks for the alert.

29.07.2019 07:55

@assistive.tech, does it make any difference if I test it by simply disabling Bitdefender and use only Malwarebytes?

29.07.2019 09:07

It doesn't seem he wants to hear that or really cares. I tried to warn him as well.

29.07.2019 09:16

Haha. "This is only natural because deep down inside those commenting knew that GOD has a higher purpose and that the users receiving GOD in their lives were part of a greater plan."

I got some GOD, and I dig it.

28.07.2019 20:50

Thank you for receiving the gift of GOD.

28.07.2019 21:36

using a token drop to raise funds is an ICO and potentially illegal security.

29.07.2019 04:39

Thank you for your opinion.

29.07.2019 05:19

It's not an opinion.

29.07.2019 05:23

If you are correct then I have already broken the law and my opinion is you have a moral obligation to report me to the SEC or whatever legal authority you believe has jurisdiction. Maybe your obligation to report me is legal as well as moral. You would know that better than me it seems.

29.07.2019 05:38

I'm trying to help you not attack you.

29.07.2019 06:06

Thank you and I appreciate that. But please try to see it from my side.

Correct me if I am wrong but assuming you are right it wouldn't be your job to pick which laws to charge me with. You wouldn't be the one filing the charges with the exact wording of the law(s) and the elements that would all need to be proven in order to secure a conviction. That would be someone else's job so why would I feel a need to justify myself to you?

Even if hypothetically it was your job to decide that I broke one or more laws and it was your job to prove all the elements of a case against me under the Fifth Amendment I would still feel no need to justify my actions to you before I am charged with anything. The only person I would be speaking to in this hypothetical situation about possible defenses is my own legal counsel. Maybe my lawyer would argue that I have a constitutional freedom of association and the high cost in forming a tribe is an undue burden in my case. That probably wouldn't be a real defense but as long as we're arguing a hypothetical case against me I might as well call upon the First Amendment as low hanging fruit.

The point is I don't want to; nor do I need to argue with you. In the end I have the presumption of innocence. Until I am actually charged with something "because the sky is blue" is just as good of a justification as any.

If it bothers you so much then report me to a legal authority with the proper justification. If they agree with you they'll do their job. If they don't agree with you and don't chose to pursue a case then I hope you'll accept that determination.

29.07.2019 06:56

Suit yourself. Good luck with that.

29.07.2019 07:00

Thank you. I hope my blog post can now get back on topic.

29.07.2019 07:16

29.07.2019 09:14

what did you say was the legal ground that allows you to take money from people ?

29.07.2019 17:10

It is not your money until 7 days have passed and the community has decided what your posts are worth. Obviously, everyone thinks $0.

Note potenntial.
They are not your rewards until they enter your wallet.

29.07.2019 17:11

as far as I am concerned that is not legal document, do we know who wrote that ?

29.07.2019 17:22

Doesn't matter wtf you think. The developers of the site wrote it. It's how things work here.

Like most social media sites, users are free to upvote and downvote as they see fit. Rewards are a consensus among all users.

The only thing you own is what is in your wallet and no one can take that away.

29.07.2019 17:25

no my friend , that is only somebody's suggestion and that does not gives you legal rights to take ppl's money . devs could also write it is ok to rob the bank if you don't like bank's facade .

thanks for clarifying , later

29.07.2019 17:41

It isn't your money, it is the shared reward pool. It isn't your money until a post is paid out and put into a wallet.

29.07.2019 17:42

you will have to prove legality of your actions , your personal opinion also doesn't count . especially when we know that downvoting increases your profit .

Legality is keyword here

29.07.2019 17:53

Yes true!

29.07.2019 18:09
29.07.2019 06:00

Please only use the creativecoin tag on posts about creative arts, thank you.

29.07.2019 13:39

I honestly believed my humor was creative. I am sorry and will be more conservative when using the tag in the future.

31.07.2019 01:21

An anime tribe sounds really cool. I would love for this to be a thing. I am surprised it isn't already an existing tribe.

02.08.2019 09:11