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We are NOW Steem LIFE || New Name-New Theme-New Mission

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Over time, our plans and activities have to change, because if we do not change the environment and are not able to update our plans, we will never be able to achieve our desired success. Especially with these words in mind we have made a new decision to change our course and start everything in a new way.

We would change the way we walked: we planned to start anew with a new name. We are moving away from the Steem Health name and theme and starting the journey again with the new name Steem LIFE and the new theme.

New Name: Steem L I F E
New Theme: Everything Related to LIFE

In fact, we have been forced to change our theme a bit, because many members have started posting in their own name by stealing health related information in various ways, also many people have started copying and pasting various issues. In fact, we are not a newspaper or a newspaper. So we were forced to move away from our path.

So now everyone can share their experiences and feelings not only about health issues, but also about any real life issue. You can write about any subject of your choice, photography, travel, food, diary games and poems. Share with us anything about your real life, we will try our best to support you.

We believe that those who have been with us from the beginning, who have encouraged and inspired us to walk the path in many ways, will still be with us and support us to walk the path with new names and new themes.

Share your real life feelings, join Promo-steem and build your own link with the whole world.

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Thanks all.


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