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Entry Closed: The Steemit City Promo-Steem Contest-05 || Theme- Fish || Prize Pool 15 Steem


This week's theme of #promo-steem will be a little different. Before that I'm asking a question, how much do you like fish? This may be a very simple question for you but if you don't like to eat fish then it will be an uncomfortable question for you. However, in our society, there are two types of people who like fish very much, while the other group dislikes fish. This difference may continue, which we have nothing to say about.

But what I am going to do is present to you now. The theme of this week's contest is fish and the contest will be about fish photography. So if you like fish and have some excellent photography of fish, get ready and take the chance to win prizes with us.

Today I am announcing the theme of my 5th contest with the concept of Promo-Steem and inviting all of you to share your best Fish Photography. Let's be clear about the 5th contest-

Contest Type: Photography
Theme: Fish
Duration: 72 Hours
Prize: 15 Steem

Follow the Rules:

• Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, so try to be unique.
• Title: The Steemit City Promo-Steem Contest-05 || Theme- Fish || Your Text
• Write at least 100 words about your photographs.
• Make sure of your entry through this community.
• Invite your 3 friends by tagging.
• This contest is open for everyone & only 1 entry per person.
• Must use tags #fishphotography #myphotography #steemitcity and your country ( #bangladesh for me)
• Share your Post on Others social sides like Twitter/Facebook.
• Share your Entry Link in the comment section of the contest post.
• Share your entry before or on 72 hours after contest announcement.


Total 15 Steem in Prize Pool
1st place= 4 steem
2nd place= 3 steem
3rd place= 3 steem
4th place= 2 steem
5th Place= 2 steem
6th Place= 1 steem

Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

Gif Promo.gif
Gif Source- @stephenkendal

Thanks all.


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