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Hello Friends,

We humans find a little extra attraction to certain things, we find a little more joy in that subject. And we usually call these things hobbies. From a young age, I also noticed a great fascination and interest in certain subjects. Little by little every day I started to feel weak towards him. Later I realized that these are called hobbies through school sirs.


Because the school sir encouraged us in many ways, giving us more inspiration about the things we enjoyed the most. In fact, since then, the joke towards the hobby has been increasing. However, over time, our hobbies change, we become weak in many ways.



My best hobby at the moment is to cook and create opportunities for everyone to enjoy food through variety. In fact, my mother was the biggest contributor to this hobby. Because of his constant inspiration I keep trying to master this subject. I saw great smiles and contentment on the faces of all the members of the family when the cooking was more palatable.



After the end of my school life, especially after entering college life, I had to cooperate with my mother in various matters at home. Just then I almost helped my mother with the cooking. Then gradually my mother's interest became my hobby and an interest was created in me to make everyone in the family happy through tasty cooking.



The subject has really become part of my routine now, especially since I spend time cooking two times each morning and evening. I spend about 2-3 hours every day doing this. The responsibility of making breakfast rests entirely on me, after which I go out for office purposes. In fact, I believe it doesn't matter how much time I spend but it's more important how much I enjoy it.



In fact, hobbies are hobbies, and in the case of hobbies, profit and losses are never calculated. So I never thought about it that way. But yes, in our society, cooking skills are still considered as one of the best qualities. I saw my big sister at the wedding, the groom asked if my sister could cook well?



Achievement, the smile of contentment on the faces of my family members is the best achievement for me. There have been many times like this, I would have been asked to cook if there was an event at the house of one of my friends. I really tried to do it with great pleasure and came back home with their compliments. These are not only good memories of me, but also achievements.


We do all sorts of things in our lives, some for our own interest and satisfaction. In the same way, we try to establish ourselves by doing certain things. In fact, our interest in hobbies plays a major role here.

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31.03.2021 17:59

cooking is still considered as one of the best qualities. And you got that gift. Keep it up.

Good luck with the contest.

Thank you so much for your participation. This is entry No.38

01.04.2021 07:41