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Now are the hot season, and in the summer, the people of our country having a lot of problems and various diseases. This is because excess heat increases the presence of various diseases. But if we can eat more summer fruits, we can easily overcome many problems.

Through today's writing I will give my entry, in another beautiful competition, which has been organized from Bangladesh community with Summers Dink.


I have a few of my favorite summer dinks, but the one I will present today is papaya juice. In fact, I like this juice very much to keep our body cool and well in the heat and I like its taste very much.

No. I usually try to eat this juice during the day. Because I don't eat too much fruit or juice at night. In fact, the heat of the day is felt more because of the job, so I love to take the juice during the day.


In fact, papaya has many properties, it is an excellent seasonal fruit in terms of nutrition. This fruit works especially well in relieving heart problems. Moreover, those who have digestive problems, it increases digestion.


Papaya is rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining good eyesight. Moreover, the amount of cholesterol can be controlled by eating more papaya and there are many elements in papaya that play a role in preventing cancer in our body. Because of all these benefits, I have loved this fruit and its juice since childhood.


Everyone in our family loves to eat this juice and fruit. When I am at home, I make juice and enjoy it with everyone. In fact, every subject has its opposite position, if you eat too much, all things have side effects, so papaya should be eaten in moderation.


Let's see the recipe-
For this we need papaya slices, water, sugar, salt. However, you can use ice cubes if you want. It will increase the taste a bit.


First we will slice the papayas, small slices will be convenient to blend and juice can be made easily. Then we put them in a blender, add sugar, some salt and water. Then I will blend everything nicely.



After blending, you can enjoy the taste of cold with some ice cubes. So this is how I enjoy the taste of papaya juice during summer.


Inviting my all friends for checking the contest announcement-

Thanks all.


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wow this is cool
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Good luck

15.04.2021 10:26

MashaAllah sis what a gorgeous look and photos are awesome. You are a deserving participant.

15.04.2021 10:28

juicy juicy....good entry

15.04.2021 15:55