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Promo-Steem Recipe Contest || Share your Secret Recipe || Week-4 || Prize 15 Steem


Hello Food Lovers,

Connect yourself with the #promo-steem initiative, wondering how? We will take away your thoughts and create a wonderful opportunity. Through which you will be able to share recipes of your choice, ensure your contribution to the promo-steem contest as well as take the chance to win steem as a prize.

This is my first contest in the #Banglachef community. Because I love food and am very interested in learning new recipes. So this initiative of mine is to spread the steam, to keep yourself connected with the promo-steem initiative and to reward the best secret recipe. So if you know any secret recipe that is easy and tasty, get ready and share it with us.

Yes, we invite you to share with us the best secret recipe for your taste. You can take the opportunity to win Steam by presenting your recipe excellently and sharing the details of the recipe with photography.

Follow Contest Rules:

  • Contest must be original and zero percent plagiarized.
  • Write minimum 250 words about your recipe step by step.
  • Share at least 6 photographs of the recipe step by step.
  • Resteem this contest announcement post.
  • Invite 3 of your close friend to participate contest.
  • Subscribe to Bangla Chef Community and give your entry through the Community.
  • Share your entry link under the contest post.
  • Use the tags #mysecretrecipe #banglachef #steemexclusive #promo-steem (You Country #bangladesh for me).
  • Use the title: Share Your Secret Recipe || Week-04 || Your Text
  • Ensure your entry before the payouts of this post.

    Prize Pool

    1st Place - 5 Steem
    2nd place - 4 Steem
    3rd Place - 3 Steem
    4th Place - 2 Steem
    5th Place - 1 Steem

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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Gif Source- @stephenkendal

Thanks all.


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