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The Hive Blockchain Has Successfully Launched! Will We See You There?

The Hive blockchain has launched successfully. You should come see what all the buzz is about.

Read more about Hive's launch and some basic information in our newest post. If you'd like to see more from us, you know where to find us. Remember that the hardfork to create the Hive blockchain does not impact Steem. The Steem blockchain code remains exactly the same, along with all of your Steem funds, and the new Hive blockchain has split away in a new direction. Consensus witnesses who continue running Steem will be responsible for ensuring the Steem blockchain has no issues as some nodes move to a different codebase.

The ecosystem is growing. People are talking. Things are buzzing. Wherever you like to hang out, and whatever drives you, community is made up of individuals like you. The Hive is always open. It would be great to see you around.


We'll buzz off now— 🐝

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