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Hive is Arriving Shortly! What to Expect When Expecting a Hardfork


Today is the big day: the Hive blockchain will be created at 14:00 UTC!

You can find live countdowns at, Coingecko, and on our announcement post.

What are the most important things to know about Hive's launch?


  • When the hardfork happens, a brand new blockchain will be created. It is very likely that this could be a bit bumpy! It's great when hardforks go perfectly, but not guaranteed. Be patient and aware that there could be some service disruptions for Hive as all of the network participants get up and running.

    ⚠️ The hardfork to create the Hive blockchain DOES NOT IMPACT STEEM. The Steem blockchain code remains exactly the same, along with all of your Steem funds, and the new Hive blockchain is splitting away. Consensus witnesses who continue running Steem will be responsible for ensuring the Steem blockchain has no issues as some nodes move to a different codebase.

    • and the @hiveblocks twitter account will post status messages if necessary so there is always a place to check for information that is not on the Steem blockchain.
    • There will be a series of in depth posts on this Hive account after launch talking more about how to get involved, and what will need to be addressed immediately this week.
    • There will likely be things on that will need fixing after launch! These are not related to the blockchain code itself and will be addressed as the week goes on. Other interfaces are getting ready to run on Hive as well, so you will have options.
    • Things are going to feel very familiar to what you know on Steem. Most things are the same at launch - where we take Hive after that is up to us.
    • Remember that your witness votes from Steem will carry over to Hive. One of the first things to consider as we launch is to change your witness votes as you see fit on both blockchains. You are part of governance, and if you have been voting strategically as of late, this is an excellent time to start fresh and discover all of the dedicated witnesses in both ecosystems. You will always be able to change your votes for block producers on both chains, independently, after launch.

    Thank you for joining the community you love on a new journey.

    We're going to have lots to talk about, and a lot of hard work ahead of us, but there's an exciting road forward that will get us closer to being able to build and explore decentralized, together.

    See you on the other side! #hivehasarrived

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