Tub aloe vera cultivation methods and care

Fresh aloe vera juice has many nutrients. In addition, this pair of herbs is also suitable for skin and hair care. If you want to get fresh aloe vera at hand, you can plant aloe vera in the tub. The tree will grow from a single leaf of aloe vera. This tree does not need much care.
Collect a few aloe vera leaves for cultivation. Note that the white part at the bottom is with the leaves. Now put aloe vera leaves in the hole in the middle of the common soil. Soak the soil with water. Once the roots start to sprout, you can remove the leaves in a large container. If you want, you can put it in a big tub at once.


Another way is to grow trees from aloe vera leaves. Cut the aloe vera leaves in the middle with a sharp knife. Leave the leaves in a warm place for two weeks. When it turns brown, put it in the tub. However, make sure that there is a hole at the bottom. Day tub with neat soil. Dip aloe vera leaves in water in the middle of the soil. Keep in a place where direct sunlight comes. Water should be given every day. Aloe vera trees will start growing within 4 weeks.


Aloe vera trees can use natural fertilizers for rapid growth. Crush 4/5 egg shells to make fertilizer. Soak a handful of potato peels, a few banana peels and egg shells in 1.5 liters of water. Cover the pot. When the foam rises after 3 days, strain the mixture and separate the water. Water the aloe vera plant every 15 days.


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