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Contest Or Writing Invitation : Writing Is An Art | Phase 5 || Write Anything From Your Own Life

Greeting Everyone,

This is actually more than a contest or you can say its a kind of writing invitation. As a curator of art team I've taken this step to help my community writers who has sincere contribution to #SteemShip community. Accept my gratitude and keep serving good work. This kind of writing invitation will be continuous and hopefully one day @hive-173434 will be a big curator to support your post regularly.

Writing Theme We Prefer To Curate :

You have to write something interesting that belongs to your lifestyle or you've experienced in life recently or in the past. Please do focus on quality and attach original photographs that owned by you. You are free to write but make sure you are holding at least #club5050 status and steem exclusive content that have at least 300 words. Your priority tag should be #writing, #steemexclusive your club and your country name.

Ofcourse you have to write a 100% unique blog of your own. Rules are given bellow so please follow them sincerely, if you have any question you can feel free to ask in the comment section of this announcement post.

I Highly Encourage Participants to power up and join #club5050 asap if not yet joined the club


Background Source: canva

Rules To Follow:

  • Plagiarism Strictly Prohibited, Make sure your writing is #steemexcusive that means no where else it were published.
  • Use Images that you have captured yourself.
  • Write your entry post in SteemShip Community**
  • Tag minimum 5 of your friends on your entry post to invite them for this contest, Supports other participants by upvoting and comment on their post (Give Support Minimum 1 entry and comment on that post
  • Write minimum 300 words.
  • Must use these tags 1st tag #writing 2nd tag: your club status like club5050, club75 or club100 3rd tag: #steemexclusive
    4th tag: #steemship 5th tag should be your country name. Like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Venezuela and whatever.
  • Make sure you Comment the Link of your Entry under this contest Post. MUST FOLLOW THIS
  • Resteem this contest post to get maximum reach and join our discord server for regular community updates.
  • Share your post to your social media like Twitter, reddit and whichever you prefer.


Key To Win

  • Read rules carefully and do not miss any. 🙏
  • Use tags according to the rule.
  • Use Your Own Concept, Be Real, Be You
  • Be honest!



Will be best if you can submit your entry before this Monday. This contest will run this whole month so every week you can share something new from your life by following rules above. This is a monthly based writing invitation for- APRIL

Qualified Entries Of Club5050/Club75/Club100 members will get 30%-50% upvote (depend on quality) from @Steemcurator04 account and 100% upvote from SteemShip Curator account @hive-173434

Thank You So Much For Being A Part Of #SteemShip Community


SHOHANA (@shohana1) - Founder Of SteemShip Community
And The PERFECT seven - Arts Team member


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