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UPDATE: Let's keep growing together + 82K Community Recreative Steem 148 delegations

Greetings, dear friends of all Steemit


We want to thank you all for the trust and respect in these months of hard work and commitment to the growth of our artist bloggers and creators of the highest quality content.
They have been months of great challenges in which we have been involved in @steemitblog projects in order to contribute to the growth of our blockchain, forging a community of users from different parts of the world, with diversity and versatility.
We wish you a great new year full of prosperity, abundance and many blessings to each of you.

As you can see, we have been growing little by little, without pause, earning your affection and being consistent in supporting each other.

Let's keep growing together.

Already the community account with 148 delegators plus the invested steem power of the community, we surpassed the first 82K.

@hive-141434 Effective Power 82,378.89 SP ( 10,734.19 + 71,644.71 )ttps:// tool @steemchiller

Voting CSI 16.8 ( 0.00 % self, 228 upvotes, 116 accounts, last 7d )

**Starting this week, the community account @hive-141434 began to issue automated votes every 24 hours to its delegators, configured the percentage of the vote according to the amount delegated, in this way, we guarantee equal support to each blogger, in the community that wants to post, providing daily curation support.
This is thanks to the support of our developer friend and contributor to the communities @alejos7ven who gave us the support with a curation bot to achieve this.
We also transfer daily 80% of the healing reward in liquid steem to each delegator, thanking the community commitment and keep working to continue growing together**.

148 delegators

|@adeljose |500.569
|@ajosefina| 50.785
|@alamgir83333 |100.174
|@anasteemit |50.764
|@albaandreina |300.135
|@alejandrabravo |50.246
|@alejhanca| 50.101
|@alejoess |1,000.748
|@anasuleidy |502.642
|@andrea89 |50.123
|@andreyohari |100.017
|@antoni29 |100.072
|@anyiracsb |120.570
|@aplausos |50.013
|@arafatyeasin |100.237
|@astilem |100.596
|@bellana |2,000.000
|@biankalopz |500.521
|@blancap60 |280.171
|@casv| 25.008
|@chacaraca |150.000
|@chichieze |150.005
|@ciru2014 |100.171
|@coffeedesing| 150.714
|@crisch23 |40.054
|@crissanch| 50.394
|@crisvera |150.189
|@cruzamilcar63 |100.066
|@decuartaeae |500.855
|@daly |115.147
|@dloreantdiseno |500.736
|@doriscermeno27 |50.030
|@edgargonzalez |1,001.114
|@edittacar86 |100.332
|@edy.lobo |300.532
|@elecris |50.756
|@elianisa09 |1,001.044
|@elizabeth031171 |200.442
|@elsaborsonrisa| 100.912
|@elyayo| 1,600.375
|@esthersanchez| 50.621
|@eudisdiaz| 50.329
|@evagavilan| 50.425
|@eve73 |50.044
|@fjjrg| 100.875
|@filili71 |100.045
|@francis.c18 |300.178
|@frankingcol |3,000.044
|@franvidaybelleza| 301.133
|@gabiru20 |50.338
|@gabriel300491 |150.001
|@gabrielagg |1,000.007
|@genoar |50.012
|@gerardo1608 |500.260
|@graceleon |19,004.323
|@hannavalores| 110.086
|@hjjm2015| 50.347
|@hljott |50.022
|@hmorillo2021 |100.122
|@ibe2021 |160.040
|@inspiracion |501.322
|@isabelladiseno| 50.000
|@jeanfrancopit| 50.318
|@jeemrocker |250.176
|@josegilberto |100.654
|@josephdaniela| 151.475
|@joshuelmari| 50.668
|@josstovar7| 50.244
|@karianaporras |1,001.734
|@keydoce |300.784
|@kingporos |600.516
|@lacharrakey |1,000.504
|@lachicarebelde| 100.555
|@leladulces |50.016
|@lirvic |50.160
|@lita2021 |451.093
|@littledisciples |500.298
|@lopzdaniel |2,002.092
|@luimer79 |100.016
|@luscelysa |50.008
|@luckydrums |50.112
|@madilyn02 |150.032
|@marcelys1| 150.050
|@mariajruizb |203.164
|@mariami |100.198
|@mariannejnp| 50.212
|@marivic10| 50.684
|@masril |401.524
|@mayberling |150.015
|@maylinch |200.120
|@mcarol19| 50.314
|@meivys| 201.139
|@mile16 |800.919
|@mini80| 101.161
|@mllg |100.628
|@morenaluna| 101.36
|@nahumsamuel |800.490
|@naka05| 200.683
|@natyart |600.367
|@naylet |1,505.542
|@nelsondoor| 902.736
|@noelisdc |50.137
|@oacevedo| 50.420
|@oneidaa |1,301.847
|@oneldoors |1,351.554
|@paholags |100.017
|@pastorbastida| 140.677
|@pecintabunga20 | 200.055
|@pepo84 |50.345
|@phenomenal1052 |50.010
|@rafaelcmontero| 200.040
|@rdp89 |50.070
|@reinamia |500.481
|@reycor |30.016
|@ritavillanueva |50.009
|@ruthsany| 100.071
|@sabrip |101.212
|@samsol003 |50.011
|@santamorillo |300.071
|@saracampero |2,002.238
|@shemzee |100.086
|@simonisai15 |100.228
|@soywilfredg |100.027
|@teretiti |50.208
|@thecougar| 350.111
|@toufiq777| 100.209
|@tremaria |100.090
|@vane1990 |200.010
|@veronik28dic| 100.661
|@vicent21| 80.020
|@vivigibelis| 300.165
|@willeusz |300.342
|@wilmer1988 |3,003.633
|@wyleska |1,001.125
|@yanelpuerta| 151.950
|@yenbel |75.078
|@yetxuni |2,000.007
|@yibril84 |100.855
|@ylene74 |800.578
|@yolvijrm |100.051
|@yrmaleza |2,000.373
|@yudetsis16| 200.523
|@zhanavic69 |100.234
|@zulay7059 |350.336

separador fino recreative (2).png

Percentage table of automated votes according to delegation.


he community account @hive-141434 is used to reward the highest quality content from the RECREATIVE STEEM community.
We carefully try to support all users so that all posts are rewarded.

We also have the support of the witness @symbionts who kindly allows us to vote with the account @ecozynthesizer an average of 15 daily publications of the best quality. We reward content through the brain test, free of plagiarism and exclusive to our steemit platform.
We make a daily top of the best publications according to the content protocol, taking into account the status of each user with the #club5050, #club75, #club100, thus nominating the publications to the support with the booming account.

We are Recreative Steem, we maintain the artistic essence since our founding just six months ago. We have been growing in quality, and every day, the teamwork from moderation diligently tries to make our users feel that their work is valued, supported and encouraged to a continuous and integral growth.


separador fino recreative (2).png

UPDATE: Información Importante "Verificación de Usuarios"// Important Information "User Verification"


Desing @nelsondoor



separador fino recreative (2).png

We continue working for you, committed to quality and artistic excellence.

Feed Recreative steem 17/03/2022 hours 15:47.



Our team and moderators are an indispensable piece. We invite you to meet them

ModeratorSteemit Users

@oneldoors In charge of gastronomic Mondays and charity projects #recreative-food
@nelsondoor Tuesday arts and crafts manager. Our cartoonist #recreative-art

Who is every Wednesday giving appreciation to the musicians of the community. #recreative-music
Apart from being the designer of our corporate image, she is in charge of Adventure Thursdays. Do not miss it!!! #recreative-adventure

Our dear @bellana is always attentive to the verification of users and new delegates. She is also in charge of photography Fridays #recreative-photography
@yrmaleza She is one of our editors, besides she is in charge of the literary movement of the community. Bring your writings every Saturday, here we like to read #recreative-literature

@graceleon She is the founder of this wonderful space. Being our Country Representative in Argentina, she works as a tireless piece within the entire platform. He is in charge of moderating our Sunday forum #recreative-forum

separador fino recreative (2).png

Publication editor
These are our social networks


50SP 100SP 150SP 200 Sp 250SP 500SP 1000SP

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