Sell For STEEM Reaching 200 Subscribers! Introducing Sellers and Their Products! Many Orders Already Completed!


Hello Fellas. These are the first words of this account for posting purpose and nothing can't beat the excitement knowing that we have reached 200 subscribers in a flash. We are very happy for the for the active growth of the Community. We welcome more and more buyers and sellers from Pakistan and from all other Countries.

We are trying our best to get to get in touch with some other Countries and inviting them here to sell their products for Steem! For the first country after pakistan, i would like to invite our closest friends, @randulakoralage and @damithudaya to join us in this community with Sri-Lankan sellers/Buyers :)

Today, The news From the Center is:


With this milestone achieved, we are now willing to expand it more. This will happen only when people get to know about this Community and we thank the steemit team for mentioning us and promote us. Soon we will be visiting markets and talking to them to promote their stuff here and that to accept steem for their products as it would be highly beneficial for both, the eco-system and the businessman!

We believe that a person who truly understands business, would never regret joining such a platform whish is about to give his/her product a Global Exposure

Currently, We have a Lot of Active Sellers in the Sell-For-Steem Community. Below i will be listing some of the Most trusted Sellers in the Sell-For-Steem community about whom i can guarantee that they won't cheat or mismatch between the product displayed and product delivered.

Serial No Username Product Status
1 @aniqamashkoor General purpose stuff Trusted
2 @suboohi Clothes Trusted
3 @huzaifanaveed1 Honey Trusted
4 @hassanabid Clothes(Shawls) Trusted and CR
5 @rashid001 Perfumes Trusted and CR
6 @vvarishayy Perfumes Trusted and CR
7 @haidermehdi Clothes Trusted and CR
8 @janemorane Bags Trusted
9 @ahtishamghumman5 Mobiles Trusted
10 @maazmoid123 Comp Accessories Trusted
11 @saharsaqi Books Trusted
12 @syedahira Clothes Trusted
13 @fatimafahim Crafts Trusted
14 @saarah Sanitizers New-Seller
15 @kinzaghauri Art-work New-Seller

This is the list of current Sellers in the Sell-For Steem community who are either trusted or new-Sellers. If someone is missing, do let us know in the comment section! Thankyou for choosing Steem

We have already developed a market in this eco-systems and many orders have already taken place. We are very happy with the progress of Sell-For Steem Community!

With these stats, we would like to thank all the Sellers and soon we would be coming out to help you all with some special offers. Try to promote Steem on your physical shops as well(If existing) and share the details with us too. Let's promote together and let's take Steem to the Moon!


Sell For Steem Community!
Happy Selling. Happy Steeming.

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Hello, you have made such a nice initiative. That's great.
Please I've also got some products

23.05.2021 23:41

You can always share them here but the price tag against it should be in STEEM/SBD. Welcome to Sell for Steem :)

24.05.2021 20:53

Thank you

05.06.2021 07:52


24.05.2021 12:50

Nice post for helping buyers, they will easily go to the required seller's post 👍

24.05.2021 22:28

Am so much interested in this concept, please include my name. I have a unique product to sell which everybody needs and with much health benefits. Add me to Sir, thanks.

07.06.2021 10:31