SuperTalkers and Next Generation Economies


I have been chewing on a possible literary resource from the economical point of view. I call it "Economies of Supertalkers". I'm going to embellish it a bit with some arbitrary details to make it a little more fun.

Some scientific-historical context to give more realism.

After the Julian Assange incident, countries adopt a Transnational Codice of Laws based on the David Wynn-Miller Grammar, to be able to deal with legal cases of high complexity, because the International Law and the Current Law Jargon were not enough.

Google Engineers realize that the roots of the Big Data Organization Problem have parallel problems in mathematical foundations, in particular, Sets Theory. In this way they organize international workshops to find solutions to this conundrum. The answer become "Isosets", a foundational mathematical theory, where not only "sets" can contain several "elements", but "elements" can belong to several "sets". In turn, this produced a revolution in the treatment of the big data in Databases.

Robotic systems and the web bots start to adopt the Viable System Model as standard.

Elon musk and Richard Stallman become prolific Pick-ups Artists and they give a new boost to the Pick-up Community.

Year 2027

Facebook and twitter are becomming obsolete. Zuckerberg and Dorsey unite forces to create a new revolutionary Social Network called S.P.A.M.M.M.Y. A kind of Social Networks "On steroids".

Spamming Protocol for Advance Maximal Mass Messaging for You

The users are called "spammmers", and the content is called "spam".

Basically, a social network that allows the formation of groups whose elements can be individuals or other groups. This social network provides a graphic user interface that allows individuals, groups, or complex formations of groups be able to communicate at high speed, allowing communication between a mere individual with giant groups, something like a conversation between differents layers of the organizational spectrum.

This network combines the Facebook philosophy of "inner circle" with the Twitter philosophy of "talking with strangers" in one shoot.

Also this network promote not only informal language, also descriptive formal languages, through the use of several Mark-up languages.

And finally, this network allows conversations between thousands of individuals simultaneously, giving to the user a more greater sphere of conciousness of the necesities and services of other people, in a very short period of time, or the same, a better panoramics of the rest of the "members of the tribe", that is, a Superconversation, taking the groupware technology to a whole new level.

Superconversations open the way for next generation economies, meaning, more resilient economies to internal or external factors. Also this does not depend of the kind of economy or government, it can be a Democracy, a Dictatorship, a Sortition, an Anarcho-Capitalistic arrangement, an Anarcho-Communist arrangement, a Technocracy, Resource Based Economy, or any other. The factor of scarcity / abundance of resources is important but not the only one, being the coordination another important factor.

This in the past was not possible due to the limitations of the quantity of information that a classical monitors/screens can express, compared to "short range holograms" or "images projected over any kind of plane or curved surface, which allow more liberty to the programmer and the end user, an affordable technology in the year 2027.

This could generate a lot of play in the literary world. For example:

A plot where a country surpass an economic blockages.

A continental version of the Arab spring.

To give a push on Intelligence augmented vs Artificial Intelligence thing

Some kind of weird organizations, who knows...

Thanks for your time ;)

Here I take the idea

General Sources

The work of Jacque fresco, Milton Friedman, Stafford Beer, Fernando Flores.

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