Trek To Frozen Bhrigu Lake (4182 Meters)

Came from Leh in June, did not get much sleep for five. When vomiting falls from the mouth continuously, then the trust of aliens on earth increases. After spending a few weeks at home in July, I set out again in search of adventure, like most of the times, I turned to Himachal Pradesh alone.

Frozen Bhrigu Lake

After Faridabad, me escaped from the scorching heat of Delhi and stayed straight in Manali. The next two days rained heavily, I hid in Nasogi village in friend’s home. The rains begin every morning and fall till evening. From Nasogi, the path of Khanpari tibba also leads through the Lama Dug, when the call comes from the mountains, I will also visit there.
By now I should have come back from Bhrigu Lake, by the way, the plan is that first I will go to Solang valley, from there I will take Sonu (friend of mine) along.

Two days later the weather cleared and at 11:30 in the morning I reached Solang.
It was one o'clock to have a breakfast, my partner was late, and so I stopped here for today and made a ‘Plan-B’ to leave tomorrow. During the afternoon walk, I left Solang for 14 Mod on foot, 14 Mod is 3 km far from Gulaba check post.

Solang valley, 2450 Meter

The elevation is 3008 meters and the view is amazing from here, if you stand there, you will see Hanuman tibba as soon as you turn the neck, then Tentu Pass, Ladakhi, Kullu Peak, Friendship Peak in front of Mukar Bah and Patalsu, Khanpari Tibba on the left, Manali and Anjani Mahadev. , Rohtang and Marhi is a complementary view.

The view of Pir Panjal mountain range

The next day we were ready with packed lunch, the third friend dropped us from the car, where the road ahead was on foot. On the go, I shared with him the real plan "Sonu, we will go to Bhrigu lake today and will come back to Solang today today itself", he did not say much except "No problem…let’s do it". On the go, I shared the rest of the information "Our route has started from Gulaba which will go straight to the lake, from there will descend towards Vashishth hot water spring, then reach Barua village via Nehru Kund, and go to Anjani Mahadev at the end and finish the journey in Solang valley". He was looking at me as he wanted to say, "So long, has any insect bitten you on ass?”.

On the way to Bhrigu lake

The route is very long, according to one day, both of them were twinkling eyes again and again. He was looking at me and I, swallowing the spit and we started speedy walk by 14 Mod. There are mainly two routes to reach Bhrigu Lake, one from Vashishta and the other from 14 Mod (Gulaba). It is heard that the lake is so far away from Vashistha that the man reaches there in next birth itself, sometimes people get old on the way. When people not reach the lake on time, then most people lost their way on Bhrigu due to heavy fog.

So far, we have got 2 big groups, first group has a couple with local guide, second group is of 7 people, it has become a personal challenge for everyone to carry their heavy bodies and the third group is better to say beauty queens. There were about 40 people in the group. The group had boys like Cactus and girls like Aloevira and all were clicking 200 million selfies after 10 steps. We put all the efforts in overtaking all over them.

Sonu said that "there is a local shop here, which provides food and stay to travelers ". This was great information that would be useful for solo tourists.

The Local shop which provides the accommodation and food to travelers

After Rowli kholi all the way was on the snow, and we did not have time to slow down. Walking fast, we soon enter the famous mist of here. I arrived in a T-shirt and shorts, which caused the legs to clutter like a cheap selfie stick. In the mist, we lost the way but soon reach the lake. On the way back from the lake we met four boys of nearest village. We walk from Gulaba at 9:27 am and reach the lake at 1 pm. It was total 8 km walking distance from 14 Mod to lake. Which has a total elevation gain of about 1250 meters.

Rowli Kholi Camp Site

The height of Bhrigu lake is mostly 4300 meters on the online platform, but according to my GPS device, the altitude of the lake is 4182 meters. It is said that "Sage Bhrigu used to do meditation near lake, hence the locals worship here as a holy lake". It is also said that "this lake never freezes completely".

Misc, Ice and us

Sonu is a local boy, he offered flowers which he bring from home. We takes off the shoes little far from lake to reach small open roof temple. The lake is still almost frozen and feeling mysterious amidst the mist. Without missing much time, we start towards Vashishtha hot water spring. We are not walking but running while descend, after reaching the Mori Dug (2885 meters) in an hour and a half, we eat packed food. We take only 35 minutes to reach Vashistha from Mori Dug. So far, everything of the body has been finished.

Holy Bhrigu Lake, 4182 Meter

After Nehru Kund, Barua village crosses, it is 5pm in the evening and we both were so exhausted. Sonu goes directly to Solang from Barua while I leave Anjani Mahadev directly and reach the camp site at six o'clock where Sonu welcomes with tea and thus ends the trip to Bhrigu Lake in a day.

Total 39.1 km in 8:24 hours with 2584 meters of total elevation gain.

Descending towards Vashishtha hot water spring

Met one shepherd on the way

Just love this place, full power

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